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Free Word Counter | Word Counter Tool

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What is Word Counter or Word Counter Tool?

Free Word Counter

A Word Counter Tool is a web application designed to automatically count words, characters, sentences and paragraphs. Aside from just counting characters and words, an Online Word Counter Tool can help you to improve your choice of word and also your writing style, and optionally, it can also help you to detect mistakes in spellings.  

Features Of A Word Counter

A standard word counter should be able to carry out the following: 

  1. Words Count
  2. Characters Count
  3. Characters W/O Spaces Count
  4. Unique Words Count
  5. Sentences Count
  6. Paragraphs Count
  7. Spellings Check

To check your word count, simply place your cursor into the above text box and start typing or paste words or sentences. You will see the number of characters beneath and the words increase or decrease as you type, delete, and edit them. You can also copy and paste text from another program over into the online editor. The Auto-Save feature on some online word counters will make sure you would not lose any changes while you are editing, even if you leave the site and come back later. 

Tip: Bookmark the online word counter page now.

Knowing the exact word count of text content can be important. For example, if a content writer has to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an essay, article, report, story, paper, you name it. The Word Counter Tool will help to ensure that its word count reaches a specific requirement or that it stays within a particular limit.

Whether you are a full-time certified writer or you are just another Internet rambler, presently, we are now all living in the era where word counts are very important.

From just social media character limits to very long document requirements in business or corporate settings, if you have just been writing words, then you have been operating with things that require text counts, whether you are aware of it or you are not.
  • Twitter previously limits content to 140 characters but it now increased it to 280 characters.
  • Facebook would not let you post anything that is over 63,206 characters or even let you comment on anything more than 8,000 characters.
  • Instagram's 30 hashtags limit - This also has a limit of 2,200 characters that they allow and even your Instagram captions will get truncated after just 125 characters. 
  • Google SERP We even hear that for most of your blog post to break into the first-page ranking on Google SERP, it might have to stay on the north of 1800 words.

Can you see now? The era of character count limits is really upon us!

You would need to always stay on point, making sure that your content stays within the constraints of these relevant platforms… so that you do not unwittingly end up having to reduce or increase your word counts back and forth just to meet up with some requirements. 

The most important thing would be to stay on point at all times, making certain that your content adheres to the guidelines set forth by these relevant platforms.... so that you do not end up having to unintentionally reduce or increase your word counts back and forth in order to meet certain requirements.

All you need is a text counter tool in order for this to happen. 

For that to happen, you just need a text counter tool known as word counter.

Why Use An Online Word Count Tool?  

Well, first of all, if you are wondering why you should be using an online Word Counter Tool, then try to count the characters of your content manually. Before you get to line number 7, you will realize that the job is quite difficult, time-consuming, that's if you have not already seen it as a practically frustrating task. 

And, more importantly, who would want to waste their valuable time counting words in a lengthy document when they can easily get assistance from an online word counter tool?

Similarly, the word count tool provides a plethora of statistics, including character count, word count, and many others. It is possible to generate reports based on the number of sentences, paragraphs, short and long words, and so on. It is well suited for writing words, essays, blogs, novels, and a variety of other things.

Now, these tools will also allow you to upload files from count words and various file formats, among other things. However, the most important feature of word count tools is that they include readability, word accuracy and keyword density. With this, you can increase your writing productivity for use on forums, websites, and product reviews, among other applications.


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