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Why Curriculum Vitae or CV or Resume

If you are looking to get a good job, whether a contract job, part-time or full time; you definitely need a good CV to present your professional self to employers in the best possible way. 

If want to build a CV or want to perfect your CV, you may need to grease your elbows, obtain reading glasses, and ensure that every detail is perfect using this free cv builder or cv maker. Once you've accomplished that, believe us when we say it will be worthwhile.

After all, that is a small price to pay for securing the dream job you have been anticipating. By constructing a near-perfect CV, you are essentially investing in your future self.

What is a CV or Curriculum Vitae

A Curriculum Vitae or CV or Resume is a job seeking document that summarizes a job seeker's details such as career history, academic credentials, and future prospects. A CV is intended to impress recruiters and is typically sent in response to job advertisements or as a speculative approach to prospective employers.

CVs or Resume are valuable and significant because they are your first, and possibly only, direct contact with a prospective employer. Presentation is critical. For this reason alone, it should be carefully considered, designed, and written in such a way that it immediately has a positive effect on key decision makers.

When a reader looks at your resume, they should quickly gain an understanding of your qualifications and experience. Keep in mind that the person reading it will have never met you; therefore, ensure that it is free of grammatical errors and concise, as it will be interpreted as a reflection of you as a person.

The Difference Between CV and Resume: 

The differences are not much. A CV presents the full details of your academic credentials and skills, so the length of the CV document is much longer, while A Resume presents a concise or brief summary of your skills and qualifications for a specific position, focusing on key areas suitable for the job, so the length tends to be shorter.

What is a CV Builder

A CV Builder is a web app that offers interface for easy building and writing of CV. Using a CV Builder or CV Maker is one of the best ways to automatically and effortlessly build a CV. 

A Curriculum Vitae Builder popularly abbreviated as a CV builder is basically an online tool that helps you create a curriculum vitae that you can either download and use online or print to use in a physical application. 

The CV software provides built-in content to help make the development of a CV easier and less time-consuming. This kind of online CV application automatically formats text content, proofreads the contents that you enter, and prevents several tips that are pre-determined by professionals.

An online CV Builder will let you write a CV with ease. To create a CV in an online CV builder, you would simply follow the built-in wizard, fill in the blank intuitive forms with your information and helpful auto-suggestions, pick a professional template, and download the CV employers will love.

Resume builders are highly interactive online resume templates that basically allow you to enter in information into the template and build a highly cohesive resume.

Do you know that a high number of employers make use of resume screening software that is known as an applicant tracking system (ATS)? Because of this software that employers make use of for the screening, job seekers should start their resume building by knowing what a good resume looks like, especially when it comes down to making extensive use of keywords that are specific to their industry. Several resume builder websites offer keyword suggestions for this particular reason.

As you sit down to develop your resume, you should do a little research on your industry and on your dream job. This will help you see the soft skills that are at the top and also the hard skills that employers are looking for in your resume. And also remember, soft skills are non-technical skills such as leadership and collaboration. Hard skills are basically skills, such as a trade skill (like painters, carpenters, etc) or experience with a particular type of software (like Salesforce or SAP). Use the most relevant keywords to help get your designed resume noticed.

Simply select a template, type in your career details and qualifications, then proceed to submit, the CV Builder will do the rest. You can then download your completed CV for use.

What are CV Templates?

CV Templates are succinct, powerful, compact and editable ready made CVs that have a modern feel. They will transform you into a professional and help you stand out in every job application. They are ready made for you, simply edit by entering your professional details and publish as PDF or Doc.

CV Templates is ideal for anyone, whether they are students, professionals, or unemployed. Whatever job you're applying for, CV Templates can help you make a strong impression on the right person for the right reasons.

A CV is a multipage document that covers several topics, so making use of a comprehensive CV template can help you to organize your content and to submit a document that holds all the relevant information for a position. CVs can range from just a few pages to over 20 pages for a well-experienced professional.

To present effectively the professional history that you have acquired over the years, you need a CV template that is easy to use and has a clear, concise logical structure for a hiring manager to easily follow up with. CV templates can also be a convenient place to store and update your professional history as your career keeps progressing.

You can find several CV templates with different themes in popular programs like Microsoft Office or by just searching for open-source tools to create a visual CV on the web.

Need to write a compelling CV with a professional look but are unsure where to begin? Not to worry; this is the right page to creating The Best CV for your Dream Job

How to Write a CV or Resume

When it comes to CV formatting, there are four factors to consider:

1. Select the appropriate font style and size

Your curriculum vitae should be legible and simple to read. To maximize readability, choose a sans-serif font with a point size of between 10 and 11 points. It should be uncluttered and devoid of unnecessary details or decor. Arial, Avenir, Calibri, Helvetic, Lato, Roboto, Proxima, Nova, and Verdana are additional examples of suitable fonts for your CV.

2. Verify your margins

As a general rule, keep your margins between .5 and 1 inch. Margins that are too wide will leave an excessive amount of white space, while margins that are too narrow will make the page appear cluttered and overfilled. Both of these factors may be distracting or deterrent to recruiters and hiring managers.

3. Make effective use of your available space

CVs can become lengthy, particularly if you've been in your field for several years and have accumulated a significant amount of experience. 

To ensure that you're making the best use of available space and that your CV is easily readable, consider the following techniques: 

Organize with bulleted lists: By adding small bullets to lists (such as your collection of skills or awards), you can make them easier to consume. 

Utilize section headers: Make section headers stand out from the rest of your CV's content by bolding, enlarging, or underlining them. Along with section headers, consider bolding other significant words, such as your name and job titles, to distinguish them. 

Eliminate irrelevant information: Make the most of the limited space on your CV by emphasizing only the most pertinent and impressive aspects of your background. If you have five or more years of professional experience, delete all experience and dates older than 15 years from your education section.

4. Check for errors

Take the time to carefully check your spelling, grammar, and syntax before sending your CV to prospective employers. A squeaky-clean CV improves readability and demonstrates professionalism. Request a resume review from a trusted friend, family member, or colleague. A second pair of eyes frequently catches errors that you may have missed. 

A well-written CV includes all of the critical information employers require when considering you for job openings. By ensuring that your CV is comprehensive, properly formatted, and easy to read, you can increase your chances of landing the job you desire.

How to Build a CV or Resume

These are several ways you can build your CV or Resume: 

1. You can get Free CV Builder or Free CV Maker available online, which helps in designing your CV effortlessly and automatically. You only need to select a template and type your details. The CV Maker or CV Builder will do the rest.

2. You can use also Microsoft Word to start typing out your CV details and then using word cells, tables, rows and columns for aligning and arrangements.

3. You can also download Free CV templates in Doc or xDoc formats and then re-edit details to your own details and preference.

But wait! The best way to build a CV is to use a CV Builder or Resume Builder, This is far better than basic text editor, doc editor, MS word or even downloading of CV templates. While these are popular method for creating a resume, they are very far from being the best.

With a basic text editor resume or MS word editor, you will need to spend several hours playing with the structure and formatting. You make a minor change and BAM! The entire resume layout that you have been working on gets messed up. 

Instead of using a text editor, or downloading of CV templates, we recommend choosing a Resume Builder or CV Builder. Most online resume builder is very fast, easy to use, such as the one above, and to put the icing on the cake, the resume generated from a CV builder usually looks much better and can fit more information than your average, cookie-cutter resume.

CV Building Steps or Resume Formats

These are steps, guide or formats for building or writing a CV / Resume:

1. Contact Details:

The first section on your CV or Resume should be your contacts such as:

- First Name,

- Last Name,

- Phone Number,

- E-mail Address,

- Home Address.

Consider also including additional contact information so that potential employers have multiple ways to reach you such as social media handles and your professional networking platform page or an online portfolio link such as linkedin or twitter page. You can also include your address, whether it's the full mailing address or just your city and state. Many companies prefer to hire local employees to reduce relocation time and expenses.

2. Summary:

The summary comes second. This section is for writing a brief summary about yourself and interests. Employers only spend a short time reviewing your resume, you want to display your positive qualities short and concisely.

3. Work Experience

This section of your resume should contain or describe effectively your work experience including dates to enhance your candidacy. The information you will provide here should be self-explanatory, such as:

- Previous Positions,

- Job Title,

- Job Roles/Responsibilities,

- Company Location and,

- Dates Employed.

In each position description, you should be able to provide previous job roles and responsibilities, with noteworthy achievements including company location or references and the dates.

4. Include Your Education

You can start with your last education qualification. If you are currently in college or just graduated university, include this information first. If you have completed a university degree, however, it is not necessary to include information about high school or primary school. You can also include professional qualifications such as diplomas, certifications, honours, academic awards and notable recognition.

5. Relevant Skills

This section is used to clearly highlight skills you possess in line with the requirement of the new job. This is usually at the near end of your resume. Adding relevant skills to the job will enhance your appeal as a candidate. When including your skills, choose both hard and soft skills that relate to the role. Soft skills may be abilities such as communication or leadership, while hard skills could be computer programs or technical IT knowledge you know in the industry.

6. Hobbies

You can also add hobbies, things that interests you as a person. This doesn't have to be in line with your job, just any thing you love doing can be put in the section almost at the end of the CV page.

7. Language

You can also add the languages you speak. If you speak only english, you can simply put it and if you speak multiple languages, you need to add them.

Here are some of the other steps to follow to create a CV or Resume.

  • Select the Right Template & Layout on the CV Builder 
  • Mention Your Personal Details & Contact Information
  • List Your Work Experience & Achievements
  • Mention Your Top Soft & Hard Skills
  • (Optional) Include Additional Resume Sections - Languages, Hobbies, etc.
  • Tailor Your Information For the Job Ad
  • Proofread Your Resume and Cover Letter

How To Download CV Templates

After creating your CV using the CV Builder above, you can easily download the completed CV after reviewing it by looking into the download section of the CV template builder and select the format you want to save the template in, then hit download. 


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