How To Get 1000 Subscribers On YouTube For Free?


The upcoming generation is all about a new experience with digital technologies. They are too engaged with the technologies they just enjoy, or you can say they are in their world watching videos, listening to music, playing online games, etc. We have seen great technological changes after the covid pandemic period. The coronavirus has changed behavior things like your lifestyle, your mental behavior, etc., and also the way you work. Now, online work, and meetings make your life so easy that you can just make your presentation and mail it through your laptop without enduring much difficulty but on one condition that you have to be punctual in meetings. 

But, nowadays, I have seen that people watch online videos a lot. They are too addicted to YouTube videos as if it is a part of their life. Even my mother watched YouTube too much and is addicted to it. People just loved watching videos as there are wide ranges of different videos, such as you can watch comedy videos, educational videos, cooking videos, vlogs, etc. Now, in India, many adults, teenagers, and even children make YouTube videos with the good support of their parents, and friends. 

But, the only problem is that there are a lot of videos and a lot of competition between videos as you can find much similar content on YouTube and often get confused that which content is good and also to gain subscribers as they can as it can help them for the improvement of the video content. And, people will also share a video if they find your video funny or relevant. 

Now the main question arises: what are the ways to gain subscribers? 

It is not easy because it needs a good patient level and regular video content. Remember that on YouTube you need good consistency. If you lose consistency and patience then it will just harm your hard work and it will also lose your remaining subscribers. 

Now, the first step of yours should be the observer. It means that you should be a good observer as it will gain good experiences for your video, make sure you know all the trendy things that people do, even their small funny habits that make people laugh or any habits that people love to watch. 

Then, the Second step to gaining subscribers is that you need to understand the mind of the audience/ the viewers. You have to think like the viewer, what topic or content they want to see or search for the most. So, that will help for the better improvement of your future content. 

Now the Third step will be your name of the channel. Yes, the name of your channel should be good and unique enough so that it can help to attract people, but remember that it shouldn’t be too long, as if they want to recommend the channel they often forget the name, and then, of course, you will lose to gain one subscriber. So, you need to make sure that the name of your YouTube channel should be good and meaningful too. 

 The Fourth step should be the Nature of the Content (CONTENT NATURE). For every YouTuber, Content is one of the most important steps, as this will decide your subscribers. Make sure that the content should not similar to what the people already knew about it. It should be unique, creative, and knowledgeable enough to attract people, it can also be funny. You can add jokes if needed, but don’t force yourself if it is not needed, make sure that your content should not boring, and make sure to use your good creativity and skills on the YouTube video.

The Fifth step should be making Short videos. In today’s YouTube version, it is good that you can also make a short video for 30-60 seconds, which is good enough to gain subscribers. Also, you can make different videos daily on different content in a good way, and also you can present and shoot it uniquely. In this, you need a good video with a proper explanation of the video. 

The Sixth step should be you should not to lose hope and confidence. At first, it will be difficult, and also your mind will become frustrated due to thinking of your new content but still, you need to move on and don’t be harsh on yourself. Just try to improve yourself and learn new things daily like video editing or how to make a good video using a good angle, if you are making a vlog on your daily life or university life make sure it should be interesting and funny enough for the viewers who are going to watch and make sure to do the different types of activities with your subscribers so that they also enjoy and try to ask them and connect with them as much as you can. 

Last but not the least, make sure to say to the audience PLEASE LIKE, SHARE, COMMENT, AND IF YOU LIKE THE VIDEO MAKE SURE TO SHARE IT, which is the signature dialogue for each YouTuber. And, make sure to create a good and friendly video, not to repeat the same content over again. Make sure to have good speaking skills. So, these are some of the steps in which you can gain 1000 free SUBSCRIBERS on YouTube. You just need to build good consistency and a good connection with your viewers. Try not to take a lot of gaps in making a video as it will lose momentum and can affect your videos.  MAKE SURE TO MAKE A GOOD USE OF YOUTUBE.