Try Suicide Bunny for The Exceptional Wild Vape Clouds


You should give Suicide Bunny a try if you’re seeking for an e-liquid that will elevate your vaping experience. Only the best ingredients are used to create this premium e-liquid, which is evident in the flavor and vapor production. With its distinctive tastes and delicious, smooth vapour, Suicide Bunny has a loyal following of vapers.

Suicide Bunny juice is rather costly. And the excitement around them might often be exaggerated. But there is one thing that no one who has tried the juices can deny: the tastes are extremely delightful. Every juice has its own distinct personality and distinct appeal: each one has the potential to be a favourite.

So you may have to spend a bit extra to get some, and you may want to take the hype with a grain of salt, but if you’re looking for high-quality juices and want to experience the absolutely legendary flavours, they’re worth every penny.

Suicide Bunny e-liquid is well-known in the vaping community. Mother’s Milk is widely regarded as one of the greatest e-juice flavours money can buy, and the entire line-up has been well appreciated by vapers, so it goes without saying that there is a lot of excitement.

Suicide Bunny began in 2013, when founder Pip (“the Bunny”) decided to create some tastes to assist her spouse stop smoking. Pip has since taken her juices to the global stage, with a commitment to utilising only the best, US-made ingredients and producing incredibly delightful tastes every time.

The O.B., Derailed, Mother’s Milk, Sucker Punch, and Madrina are currently among the five flavours available, and each has a devoted following. Pip’s emphasis on quality and taste over all else has certainly paid dividends.

If you’re thinking of getting some Suicide Bunny juice, the only question is whether they’re actually as fantastic as they’re made up to be, or whether the hype-train has gotten a bit out of hand. After all, the juices cost $22 for a 30 ml bottle, so you’re paying a premium price. So, are they worthwhile? To discover out, we put all five juices through their paces in our Suicide Bunny review.

Design and Packaging

Suicide Bunny clearly outdoes itself in terms of design. Each bottle has its own different design, complete with a wonderfully drawn (and undoubtedly awesome) mascot and a separate background colour for the label.

Mother’s Milk, for example, has a deeply tattooed, topless lady with her hands clasped in prayer, her eyes closed and some bloody tears pouring down her cheek, while the backdrop is a ragged, leathery brown. The O.B. features a fantastic image of Marilyn Monroe holding two weapons, hands crossed and barrels on either side of her face. Her lips are wrapped in a bandana as though she’s preparing to steal a bank, and she’s generously dressed.

We don’t normally wax poetic about design, but when it’s done this well, the praise is well-deserved. The bottles are all made of glass and come with high-quality child-proof tops that open and close smoothly without bothersome cross-threading or other problems. Overall, both the packing and the design are excellent.

Mixing Options

Suicide Bunny juices feature a secret PG/VG ratio, but it’s pushed towards the VG end of the spectrum, giving thick juices with just a bit of throat-hit and some rather hefty clouds. It may not be the greatest mix for just-switching smokers, who want a bit of a throat hit, but the juices aren’t the type of stuff you’d pick up while switching anyhow.

The nicotine levels offered are 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg/ml, with the 3 mg choice ideal for drippers and the 18 mg/ml option providing enough of nicotine for freshly converted smokers. There isn’t a 24 mg/ml choice, but Suicide Bunny isn’t exactly a line of juices you’d pick up if you were just starting out, so it’s not such a huge concern. We’d like to see more options, but the range is more than adequate for the vast majority of vapers.

Suicide Bunny E-Juice Flavors


Madrina is a juice with a cream base with “melon snuggled into every layer,” and it is Pip’s particular favourite. In terms of precision, the juice absolutely delivers. The melon comes through clearly, well-captured, and realistically, to the point of being mouth-watering, and it’s reinforced throughout by the sweet cream, which adds a layer of richness to the flavour. The melon takes centre stage, with the cream serving as a backdrop, but the end effect is exactly what you’d expect based on the description.

The O.B.

The “Original Bunny” (O.B.) flavour is a mystery, however most people detect sweet cream and probably some cake from the combination. The sweet cream is unmistakably key to the flavour, coming through strongly throughout your draw, with a thick, creamy sweetness accounting for the majority of the flavour. It’s the velvety smoothness that truly carries the juice, but I agree with many who detect cake in the mix – there’s a sweet cake flavour with just a trace of vanilla in there, bringing a little of extra character to the blend.

Sucker Punch

This is characterised as a dragon fruit and “silky smooth cream” mix, with a strong, fruity vape eased by the creaminess seen in practically every Suicide Bunny Juice. The major taste in this juice is dragon fruit, which provides a strong, somewhat acidic but mostly sweet impact on both the inhale and exhale.


On the inhale, this is characterised as a fresh baked cookie, with a banana cinnamon flavour on the exhale – a complex mix with ingredients rising to the foreground at different times of your draw. The description is very accurate: the sweet cookie taste kicks things off, followed by warming cinnamon on the nose and a whooshing punch of well-captured banana on the exhale. The cinnamon blends in well with the other flavours, and while it doesn’t stand out as much, it’s clearly present.

Mother’s Milk

Mother’s Milk is Suicide Bunny’s most popular flavour – it’s practically legendary – it offers a rich, creamy dessert flavour with a strawberry finish. The description, once again, is spot on. It begins with that rich, well captured Suicide Bunny creamy taste – subtle enough to let other flavour notes to come through while still providing the velvety sweetness you’re hoping for – and the strawberry on the exhale is authentic-tasting and pleasantly light. The outcome is precisely as indicated, thus there are no complaints about accuracy.

Warning: This product contains Nicotine. Vape wisely!

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