Pictory Overview


Any marketer that is price their weight knows that so as to succeed they will have to produce some amount of video content.

The problem is that high-quality modelable video content is expensive and time-consuming to create.

Pictory goals to unravel this problem by harnessing the ability of cloud-primarily based artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Their goal is to make it as simple as hitting a button in your laptop to produce video content material that you would be proud to share with your audience.

What is Pictory?

Pictory is a cloud-primarily based SAAS (software as a service) product that’s designed to intelligently turn lengthy-form content material such as blog posts, sales letters, and even different lengthy video content material into high-quality modelable videos suitable for uploading to YouTube or sharing on social media.

Who is Pictory For?

Anyone who needs to quickly convert their words into video should consider using Pictory.

Another instance of somebody who could benefit from Pictory is an company that desires to create video content for his or her clients without having to spend money on the overhead of expensive video equipment and software.

Pictory Features

Pictory boasts a suite of options to assist subscribers get probably the most out of their written content material by converting it into straightforward-to-devour videos.

I’ll highlight among the most useful options under:

Easily Convert Weblog Posts into Videos

Thanks to Pictory, converting articles into movies has by no means been easier.

When prompted, simply paste the submit URL and watch the AI work its magic!

From there the process is quite painless:

1. Evaluation/Edit Text Summary

Pictory will attempt to summarize your written content material, pulling out a very powerful sentences to base the video around.

Nevertheless, earlier than you will have Pictory’s AI create the video itself, you could have the opportunity to assessment the script and make any obligatory edits using a drag-and-drop interface.

2. Evaluation/Edit the Storyboard

Once you’re comfortable with the script created out of your blog put up, Pictory’s AI will pair it with imagery and video from its large stock library of media.

Using Pictory’s one-click interface, you’ll be able to edit the video however you need by adding and deleting scenes, swapping media, or even uploading your own assets

3. Add Music and Voiceover

Now that your video looks perfect, you may have the option to let Pictory add music and voiceovers to your video.

Pictory will attempt to decide on the optimal background music for your video, however you also have the option to choose a special track from their free stock music library or even upload your own music.

When you require a voiceover from your video, you possibly can record your own inside of the interface, or there’s the option to choose an AI-enabled “voiceover artist” to read your script.

4. Customize Brand Appearance/Settings

Now that your video looks and sounds exactly like you need, you possibly can tweak the model settings to take it to the following level.

Pictory offers you the ultimate in brand customization by allowing you to alter the colour scheme and font, and even add your own model’s logo as a watermark.

5. Preview and Render Final Video

At this level, your video masterpiece is finished. Just check it one last time within the preview window, generate the final lower and download your MP4 file!

Auto Caption Movies

A research by Verizon Media claims that approximately eighty five% of people watch videos with the hold forth, so adding accurate captions to your video content has by no means been more important.

Additionalmore, the identical study indicates that eighty% of consumers are more likely to look at a video to completion if it incorporates captions.

Thankfully Pictory will automatically caption any video you create, so whenever you share it with your viewers, you can rest simple knowing that they’re consuming your content.

Auto Summarize Prolonged Videos

Do you already have a prolonged video from a webinar, podcast, or Zoom recording that you’d like to share with your viewers, however want to shorten it down to just the key takeaways?

You employ the Pictory AI interface to create a short summary video from your lengthy-form video content.

These quick summary movies are excellent for sharing on social media!

Access to three Million Stock Video Clips

How can you make a video if you happen to don’t have any video footage to go with your script?

Well, it’s no problem in any respect in case you use Pictory…

Pictory’s AI engine will take your words and match them with video clips from a library of over 3 million choices.

Don’t like a clip that’s chosen to your video? You can do a manual search of the stock video library and swap it out with one click!

AI Realistic Voiceover Artists

Want to do a voiceover for your video however don’t wish to use your own voice?

No worries, because Pictory comes loaded with a suite of AI-enabled voiceover artists that may do the job for you!

You’ll be able to choose from a number of realistic sounding AI voiceover artists sorted by gender, country of origin, and age.

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