Gyros — What Is This Greek Specialty Sandwich?


On a pita, gyro meat is served with a variety of toppings after roasting on a vertical rotisserie. Frequently, a blend of lamb, beef, hog, and chicken is used in the spicy meat. Most frequently, tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce—a concoction of yoghurt, cucumbers, onions, and garlic—are added as toppings.

Gyros are typically a Greek dish, however they are available all around the world. The most popular gyro meat in Greece is pig or beef, and the sandwich is typically paired with french fries. Gyros are typically made with lamb in the United States, and the tzatziki sauce is frequently referred to as “cucumber sauce.” The American sandwich is frequently overstuffed, which makes it challenging to consume without getting a little messy.

Additionally well-liked in France and Australia are gyro sandwiches. Gyros are known by several names around the world. While gyros restaurant are known as souvlaki in Athens, Greece, churrasco grego (or Greek barbecue) in Brazil, doner in Turkey, taco el pastor in Mexico, and kebab in Malaysia, yiros are known as yiros in South Australia.

Although the dish’s origins are unknown, George Apostolou, often known as “Papa George,” is regarded as its “father” because he was the first to successfully market and advertise it. In 1965, he took the sandwich to an establishment in Chicago, Illinois. The sandwich quickly attracted the interest of other eateries, and finally George decided to sell his eatery and start Central Gyros Wholesale, a manufacturer that supplied gyro sandwiches to restaurants all over the nation.

The gyro sandwich, once a specialty of the region, is now readily available everywhere as new eateries catch on to the demand. Nowadays, you can find gyros on the menu of almost any diner, fair, café, restaurant, etc. Just be sure you order it with the proper pronunciation.