How to Beat ‘granny’ Horror Game: Tips, Steps & Strategy


The Granny horror sport has taken the Apple and Android app store by using typhoon as one of the toughest loose breakout room games around a version of the granny game.

While the unique sport changed into hard sufficient to beat, the developer has recently up to date it to add even extra rooms, mystery passages, and weapons, in addition to a higher difficulty mode.

If you are just getting started in the sport and have not controlled to overcome it or aren’t even positive about what the steps are to break out, we have put together a complete guide of hints and strategies for finishing every part of the sport and beating Granny.

In addition, in case you’re looking for a walkthrough of each room within the newly up-to-date Granny residence and the gadgets observed in them (such as Teddy), you could check out our Granny House tour right here.

How Do You Win The Granny Game?

At the beginning of the Granny horror game, you discover yourself mendacity on the floor of a room in Granny’s residence. The item of the sport is to get away from the residence alive. This can be elaborate because the loopy Granny that lives inside the residence listens to every sound.

If she hears you, she’ll hunt you down and assault you. You get 5 possibilities or days to break out of the house earlier than Granny eventually puts and gives up to you.

To get away from the house, you have to finish a chain of obligations — the primary one being to deactivate the door alarm and free up all of the safety objects that bar it. We’ve listed all of the items you will want and the stairs for beating the sport underneath.

Controls: How Do I Move And Interact With Objects?

The controls are sort of primitive in this sport and so we can occasionally be tough to figure out. Here are some fundamentals you want to recognize.

How To Move – On the left-hand aspect of the screen you have a white circle that is your joystick/controller. Use it to move. How To Look Around – If you need to look around the room swipe around the display in the path you want to look.

How To Pick Up Objects Or Interact With Stuff – In the center of your sports display, you may observe a small white dot.

If you want to open a drawer, grasp an object, climb underneath a bed or interact with objects in a few different manners, you may have to pass your joystick until the white dot is focused on the object of the hobby.

If the item is something you may pick up, open, or near, a hand will seem within the top right-hand corner of the screen. Tap it to do the movement.

Sometimes a unique icon will appear in that corner showing how you could engage with the object. Simply faucet the interactive icon to complete the movement or else navigate someplace else.

How To Drop Objects – whenever you have got an item in your hand, you can drop it by tapping the word “Drop” at the bottom of the sport screen.

Crouching and Standing – you may exchange from crouching to status in the sport by tapping the icon of a person within the left-hand nook of the game screen.

What If I Have To Drop Something? Will It Be Where I Left It?

Sometimes you’ll discover an object earlier than you need it and you’ve got the choice to both select it up or leave it. If you drop it, it’s going to remain in which you have left it until you die or come returned.

Just preserve in thoughts, in case you pick to grab the object, at some point you’ll have to drop it, so one can cause noises that Granny can pay attention to.

In most instances, it’s pleasant to leave an object in the back if you do not want it yet, and just don’t forget wherein it’s saved.

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