Essential Questions to ask before hiring a sheet metal Manufacturer company

Hiring efficient staff members, attracting good investors and finding resourceful vendors are among some of the main challenges business owners face these days. Maintaining cordial relationships with them and deriving the desired results can be equally challenging. It is imperative to assess the knowledge, skill and capability of your vendors and staff members before taking them onboard for a smooth operation later. Most of you may be conducting extensive interview rounds before hiring your employees but are you doing the same when it comes to your vendors? Are you asking them relevant questions to know if they would be able to handle your work efficiently or just signing the deal based on your budget? If you are doing the latter then you are likely always running behind them for work. It is important to conduct discussions and ask some important questions before collaborating with a company/ agency. In this article, we have shared the essential questions you should ask a sheet metal manufacturing company in Faridabad before finalizing the deal.

Seven Questions to Ask before Hiring a Sheet Metal Manufacturer

Asking the below questions from your potential sheet metal manufacturer will help you assess their knowledge and ability which will enable you to take a better decision:

1. How many years of experience do you hold in the industry?

This is one of the first questions on your list. It is important to know how many years of experience the management as well as the staff members have in the industry. In addition to this, you must ask about their educational qualification and their key skills to determine whether or not they are capable of handling your project efficiently.

2. Which projects have you worked on previously?

Even if your fabricator has years of experience in the field and has acquired the needed skill over the years, he may still fall short if he does not have experience working on projects akin to yours. It is better to go for a fabricator who has handled projects specific to your industry. It is also a good idea to ask about the process they will follow to accomplish your project.

3. What type of machinery and equipment do you use?

The kind of tools and machinery one uses determines the quality of work to a vast extent. This is why it is essential to check the kind of equipment your potential sheet metal fabricator has installed. You may inquire about the same or better still visit their manufacturing unit to have a clear understanding about the machines being used as well as the techniques they follow to fabricate sheet metal. Spending some time at their factory and watching their staff members work is enough to give you an idea about their efficiency.

4. What is the average tenure of your employees?

Do not overlook the importance of this question. The tenure of the employees speaks volumes about the employer and also the quality of the work he is likely to deliver. If the employees do not stick around for long in the company it may indicate that the manufacturer does not have the ability to hold a long term professional relationship and your collaboration with him may also end soon. If the workers are replaced a bit too often then your project is also likely to get delayed and you cannot expect good quality. It is suggested to go for a metal fabricator who has good employee tenure.

5. Does your company offer design and engineering services too?

A company that offers design and engineering service in addition to sheet metal fabrication is a better choice. Why would you deal with multiple vendors for your designing, engineering and manufacturing needs when you can get it all done by one? This will also help you get a product which is designed considering its manufacturability. When you assign the engineering and designing part to someone else they may not consider the challenges of manufacturing. You may have to go back and forth with the issues pertaining to manufacturing and designing thereby wasting a lot of time and may still not get the desired result.

6. Do you offer finished products?

A company that manufactures the products in-house is far better than the one that outsources its tasks here and there. A company that designs, fabricates and does the finishing of the products in-house is likely to offer better quality compared to one that outsources the designing or finishing part.

7. What are the charges for your service?

Last but not the least, it is important to ask about the remuneration the fabricator expects in exchange for his services. Compare and contrast the rates of your shortlisted companies before taking the final decision. You may even try to negotiate the price to strike the best possible deal. However, it is important to note that you may require shelling a bit more to collaborate with a more experienced and knowledgeable vendor. Hiring a manufacturer who charges less because of lack of experience may cost you more in the long run. Whether he will take the payment in advance or after the completion of work is also something you should know before taking the final decision. In a nutshell, sheet metal is one of the most flourishing manufacturing industries in Faridabad. You will find a number of sheet metal manufacturers in this part of the country. This means you have a lot of choice when it comes to choosing a manufacturer which is a plus. However, it also means that you need to do a lot of homework to drill down to one. To make sure, you are choosing the best among the available options, it is important to ask about the experience of the management and the efficiency of the workers employed at the company, the kind of tools, techniques and equipment installed, the type of projects they have worked on before, the average tenure of employees at the company, whether it offers design and engineering services and the amount being charged. The answers to all these questions are crucial for making the right decision.