15 Tips for Staying Physically and Mentally Young


Staying young is possible with some habits and beliefs. These habits can be learned at any age of life, you can start at 30, 40, 50, 60, and even 70, the earlier you start the better. They will help you stay young naturally.

1. Change your beliefs

You must eradicate from your mind that the human body deteriorates at a certain age, just because we have seen our grandparents and parents, deteriorated at 60, does not mean that the new generation has to suffer the same problems. It is possible to reach 80 years with a strong, slim, and functional body.

At Personal Mastery, during sessions, we reputedly experience a phenomenon where people’s feelings about themselves change their physical responses too. When their attitude towards themselves change, they start to feel better, more young, energetic and even sexually active.

In addition, we must prepare because science today has shown the opposite of what we believe. Soon, they will begin to lengthen the life expectancy of human beings, living more than 100 years will become normal.

2. Eat less and consciously

If you research the lives of centenarians, you will notice that some mention eating little as part of their habits. This may well be one of the secrets to staying young.

Consuming small portions also helps better digestion, so as not to overload the digestive system; it is also a good technique to maintain your weight.

If you have ever abused food, you will know that after eating large amounts of food you feel heavy and your energy levels decrease.

Eating small portions helps you continue your day with high energy levels without feeling heavy. It is a good practice and habit to acquire.

3. Maintain your ideal weight

You may have noticed that when someone gains weight, they look older, and the opposite is true, when someone who is overweight loses weight, they look younger. If you want to look younger and you are overweight, just reach your ideal weight, you will look younger and you will feel better. You will also improve your mobility, you will feel lighter and your confidence and self-esteem levels will skyrocket.

4. Get regular exercise

One of the best exercises to stay young is stretching. We all know that as you age your body stiffens, you begin to lose flexibility and mobility. One of the best practices you can do is stretch, to keep your entire body elastic and flexible.

5. Learn to live in peace and serenity

Stress is enemy number one, as it wears out the body. Learning to face life calmly and maintaining peace of mind avoids or reduces stress, which is the main cause of premature aging. Studies indicate that meditation, in addition to reducing stress levels, can help you live longer.

6. Connect with positive people

Positive relationships generate positive feelings such as love, friendship, which in turn nourish you inside, this favors leading a happy life. Loving and feeling loved is one of the best feelings that can help you feel young. Caring for family ties and having the unconditional love and support of the family will make you happy and keep you with a youthful spirit.

7. Practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness allows you to live and enjoy the present moment. Life is fleeting and being trapped in the past or worried about the future can rob us of living in the now.

The practice of mindfulness will not only help you fill more years in your life but also more life in your years.

Mindfulness and NLP courses with Personal Mastery can help you in this regard.

8. Monitor your thoughts

Something that you will notice if you observe, is that a person can age from one day to the next when he goes through a high period of stress or sadness. The thoughts of worry, stress, anxiety, and sadness are reflected in the eyes and face.

You will also notice that if someone lives a period in their life full of joy and happiness, their eyes and their face change, they can look younger by being nourished by a substantial amount of positive thoughts and feelings.

9. Live with purpose

Living life with purpose motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning full of energy and it keeps you young. It makes you feel alive.

We always want our older adults to stay active because it usually happens, that the moment they stop being active it shows in their body and spirit.

10. Keep your mind active

We not only want to keep our bodies young, but we also want to keep our minds young. Keeping your mind active daily such as reading, talking, studying, calculating, drawing, strategy games, observation, reasoning, memory (such as chess, scrabble, domino, sudoku, crossword puzzles) will help you with that mental activity.

Today it is known that the neuroplasticity of the brain is for life; you can create neural connections and learn new things at any age. The important thing is to keep your mind always active.

11. Get enough sleep

A good night’s sleep makes a big difference. Among the benefits we obtain are immune system regeneration, blood pressure and heart rate regulation, relaxed body allowing a complete rest that makes us happier and emotionally stronger. We wake up with a lot of energy, happy, ready to face a new day.

Make sure you get enough sleep, in optimal conditions and avoid night parties.

12. Eat more veggies

In the documentary “The Game Changer”, elite athletes, special operations soldiers, scientists, cultural icons, and everyday heroes change the way people eat and live. The change is aimed at a diet oriented to the high consumption of foods of plant origin. The studies and results they show in the documentary are quite interesting about how increasing your consumption of vegetables can help you stay young and healthy.

Maybe you do not want to eliminate the consumption of foods of animal origin, but increasing the portions and the consumption of vegetables and reducing animal sources is a good recommendation to follow if your goal is to stay young, healthy, and strong.

13. Do calisthenics

Calisthenics is one of the sports that can have a direct impact on showing an aesthetic and young body even in elderly people. Just look at 60-year-old men who perform calisthenics regularly and can show off better bodies than a 30-year-old is. It seems to be one of the keys to maintaining a 20-year-old body for a lifetime. YouTube is full of cases and examples, of how calisthenics helps you maintain a young body.

14. Get enough vitamin D

Receiving sun first thing in the morning is part of health, because UVB radiation (Ultraviolet type B) belonging to the spectrum of solar radiation are precursors of vitamin D, since they are synthesized with a molecule called cholecalciferol that we have in the skin, and we obtain it from the consumption of fish, egg yolks and dairy products.

Which will help you stay young and strong because, through vitamin D, calcium is fixed in the bones, making it strong, in addition to intervening in the absorption of phosphorus and the normal functioning of the muscles and the immune system.

You have to learn to sunbathe, since wearing sun is good and necessary, but never in excess and at the right time.

We must protect ourselves during the hours of the day when UV radiation is too high to be outside without sunscreen.

15. Move more often

We have already talked about exercise; however, to stay young it is necessary to move more than we are used to. Since if we spend eight hours sitting, eight hours sleeping, one-hour eating, and other hours on the couch and only dedicate one hour to exercise, we are spending more than 20 hours sitting or lying down, this is detrimental to health.

You must get used to getting up every so often and moving your body, this will help avoid a sedentary lifestyle, improve your health and help you stay young.

Conclusions on staying young

The 15 tips that you have just read translate into a set of beliefs and habits that must be acquired to live a lifestyle that allows you to stay young. You can start today working on these habits right away without waiting to reach a particular age.