Alloy wheel repair – Repair and make your alloy wheels last longer


Alloy wheels are an expensive but worthwhile investment, so you should take care of them. But it’s inevitable that at some point in your driving life you’ll get the odd nicks, scratches and mud from the road surface while parking, or rocks and gravel from other passing vehicles.

Although scratches and dents do not affect the performance of the aluminium wheel repair West Chester PA  , they give the alloy a flawed and uneven appearance and can ruin the design of the car. A lot of people just live with the problem because they think it’s too expensive to repair or fix, and if you don’t find the right places and the right people, that can happen.

Alloy is a surprisingly simple solution,

and many products solve the problem quickly and effortlessly. Potato Scratch is undoubtedly affordable. Like similar products, alum Scratch is specifically designed to repair damage to metal or aluminum surfaces (not just spills), although that’s what it’s designed for. Almost all cosmetic damage can be repaired with sealant and most can be repaired by removing the tire.

All you have to do is clean or scrape around the chip, mix the appropriate parts of the kit and attach it to the chip. Once you have done this to your satisfaction, apply the glue correctly and it will reduce the curing time. Set up and ready to sand in about 5 minutes. A solvent is usually used to finish the paint, but it is not always necessary.

Today, about 90% of new cars are equipped with light alloy wheels.

Even in a standard family sedan, it’s common to see low quality jeweled wheels with conspicuous silver trim. And don’t they look great? However, a large number of them suffer from permanent cosmetic problems: they are easily damaged and very sensitive to small damages.

Roads, potholes and rough terrain are all enemies of alloy wheels, and most vehicles equipped with them will suffer aesthetic damage at some point in their lives.

Damage is easy to spot

just look at the outside of the alloy pipe and look for signs of wear on the external parts where the alloy tends to fail. Most copper cars have this kind of cosmetic damage and until recently the only option was to replace the copper at high cost!

The good news for motorists is that most tires can now be properly repaired and kept in top condition at low cost thanks to the SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Technology) composite wheel system. The repair solution offers customers a fast, efficient and cost-effective alternative, as it can be repaired anywhere.


A trained SMART repairer can usually remove pesky scratches

and dings in less than 1.5 hours and for less than 20% of the cost of new copper! When an alloy wheel is repaired, the wheel is first removed from its hub. The defects are then sealed and sanded with a special mechanical abrasive to blend the repaired area with the rest of the board.

The SMART Repair repair machine has everything you need to repair and repair alloy wheels, scratched and rusted bent wheel repair West Chester PA  and lips for repainting.