Text-to-speech and text-to-speech software have a wide range of uses. For narrating stories, taking dictation or using voice search these programs are a must-have. Audio files can also be converted to text, if necessary. It could be an interview transcript or a YouTube video transcript that has to be transcribed.

Here are a few quick and easy ways to turn audio into text.

  1. Office 365/Word

Transcribing audio files using Microsoft Word has a number of beneficial features built-in. Instead of using a speaker held up to your computer’s microphone and playing it that way, Word can immediately transcribe your audio files.

To make this work, you’ll need an Office 365 or Office subscription (though there are some workarounds to get Office working for free, even if temporarily). In our opinion, this is the most precise and clean approach for transcribing audio on a PC that we’ve encountered thus far.

Transcribing an audio recording in Word is as simple as logging into Office 365 and opening a new Word document.

Select “Dictate” (or the microphone symbol) from the drop-down arrow next to “Home,” and then select “Transcribe.”

Click “Upload audio” and then “Select audio file” to begin the transcription process.

Finally, click “Add to document” at the bottom and select the preferred Word document transcription format.

  1. Using Google Docs

You can convert audio files to text using Google Docs – Google’s free cloud-based word processing program. Again, make sure that your computer or a nearby device is playing your audio files loudly and clearly.

You may enable dictation in Google Docs by selecting “Tools > Speech recognition > Voice typing” from the menu bar. On a Mac or Windows 10 computer, you must first activate dictation/online speech recognition before launching Microsoft Word. Then, using the keyboard shortcut you set up to enable dictation (Windows: Win + H, Mac: Command + Shift + Command), run Word.

Start your word processor and play the audio file into your PC’s microphone once dictation or voice typing is enabled (or just play it on your PC so your mic picks it up).

  1. Bear File Converter

Bear File Converter is an excellent solution for quick audio-to-text conversions. It can convert audio files with minimal background noise because it uses the Baidu recognition engine. Internet software for MP3 song file conversion to text, on the other hand, is not very accurate. In addition, the online software only keeps a three-minute recording.

  1. 360Converter

360converter provides a basic dashboard tool for dramatically enhanced online audio-to-text conversion outcomes. Music and video playback are also supported by this device. The results can be saved in Word or PDF format. Although the software is free, there are certain limitations to its use. Transcribing conversations and recorded speeches will be possible, but the results will be unprofessional.

  1. Sobolsoft

If you need high-quality text output from your MP3 conversion, look no further than Sobolsoft. All of the choices available to you to convert multiple files and separate the timelines are available without any time limits. The results are far superior to those of previous selections. In order to use the free trial, you must first purchase the item.

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