Name – Josh ‘JetSet’ King Madrid

Worth – $8 million-$12 million estimated

Highlight – (Has sold $20 Million online)

DOB – March 8, 1998

Age – 24 years old

Height & Weight – 6’2 190LBS

Birth Sign – Pisces

Birth Place – Orange, California, United States

Profession – Entrepreneur, Internet Celebrity, Neuromarketer


Who Is Josh King Madrid? Biography – A Sneak-PeekInto His Glorious Life So Far!

Josh King Madrid (born March 8, 1998), is an American internet entrepreneur, certified NLP trainer, neuro-marketer, public speaker, digital creator, social media personality, founder of in collaboration with Joey Sendz and TheBlondeJon, and the prominent and eminent Team Jet Set of which arises the globally-acclaimed brainchild JetSet or JetSetFly thereby earmarking the movement of millennial entrepreneurs.

He is also the initiator of Advertuber, the First Automated Content & Funnel Site Creator CRM Advertiser. com-Digital Marketing Platform Start-up with features like automated content creation for video marketing on any social media platforms combined with DFY website & funnel page templates for user-friendly purposes. 

Josh King Madrid plays an instrumental role in initiating M3 Accelerator Summit 2019. Furthermore, he is the pioneer of the largest International ATM Franchising Service and the founder of E-commerce, an eCommerce SAAS and consultancy corporation, along with co-founding The Sales X, a high-ticket sales agency with 130+ employees. A multi-faceted and multi-talented personality that he is, Josh King Madrid is the co-host of the podcast The Dropout Degree, which is ranked and touted as one of the top 25 Business Podcasts on iTunes.

He has an impressive fan following of 160,000 on Instagram and is friends with Bear Degidio posting photos with him on Instagram. Endowed with the flair for entrepreneurship at a very young age, Josh Madrid initiated his first business move when he was 7 years old-purchasing beanies from Alibaba and then selling them to his kindergarten classmates.

On Popular Bio, Josh King Madrid’s net worth makes him a successful Entrepreneur, placing him in the top league amongst famous influential people who were born on March 8, 1998. To top it all, Josh King Madrid’s net worth makes him hailed as one of the Richest Entrepreneurs of all time who was born in the United States.

Additionally, Josh King Madrid’s net worth makes him earn the tag of being No.1 of the most famous people in the database at the age of 24 years old. Not one to sit, rest and revel in the aforementioned laurels and accolades that come his way, Josh King Madrid’s net worth along with his impressive and inspiring success story at a remarkable young age, make him earn a place amongst the most prestigious official Forbes Board Member. 

The man of many potentials, he is the founder of Non-Fungible Token Magazine and is also a revered member of Rolling Stone Culture Council, the Fast Company Executive Council, and the Forbes Business Council. A unique, awe-inspiring success story for all youngsters to delve deep into! His rose to fame like ‘Phoenix from the ashes’, Josh King Madrid’s net worth, and above all, his perseverance and dedication in building up the millionaire enterprise of his dreams are straight out of some sort of ‘rags-to-riches’ story, that will leave everyone spellbound making an indelible impression on minds eager to deliver the best!


Josh King Madrid’s Childhood Trivias:

Early Age, Education& Career – JetSet initiated his first business at the age of 7, buying hats on Alibaba and then selling them to his classmates. He continued to purchase products like iPod cases, silver or gold chains, snapback hats, blinds, and custom-printed clothing at wholesale prices abroad and sold them at school, on eBay, and on Facebook, later on, taking advantage of tricks-of viral growth he learned in high school.

Josh King Madrid attended Vista Murrieta High School for his freshman year where he competed in the triple jump and long jump on the track team. He transferred to Paloma Valley High School in Menifee during his sophomore year, where he would pursue to compete in those sports for the rest of his high school years and would go on to become one of the best triple jumpers in California during his junior years. 

Josh King Madrid attended the University of California at Irvine before he made up his mind to drop out of academics in his quest and zeal to pursue business. However, Josh King Madrid is a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming-Neuroscience.

While attending law school, Josh King Madrid, popularly known as JetSet-the business venture he’s synonymous with, created his second e-commerce company called The e-commerce company lasted for four years and managed to generate between $300,000 and $600,000 a year in sales before his parents decided to go for its close owing to low-profit margins.

However, despite all the odds, highs and lows, and challenges that life threw at him, Josh King Madrid, an inspiration for all ages, never deter himself from realizing his dreams and ambition of becoming an entrepreneur and went with the flow of his creative and imaginative bent of mind, free-flowing ideas and scenarios to give shape to, which later manifested in the form of his ambitious, dream project-now a reality, JetSet or JetSetFly, a name to reckon with in the dazzling field of entrepreneurship, and a host of other profitable ventures, of which he’s the mastermind and flagbearer. Now that’s an intriguing and engaging story of Josh King Madrid’s childhood memories that are and should be on everyone’s lookout and wishlist, motivating them to get ‘bigger and better!


Josh King Madrid Net Worth, Salary & Assets

Josh King Madrid is a millionaire Entrepreneur having an enviable, astounding and impressive net worth of $8-$12million in 2022, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb & Various Online resources. He is one of the richest Entrepreneurs and listed among the most popular Entrepreneur. He was ranked as one of the Top Business Influencers in 2017 and earned the laurel of being a professional Entrepreneur. However, his salary is under review. To date, JetSetFly alias Josh King Madrid is residing in his own house.

Nevertheless, Josh King Madrid has created an enormous online empire and is accountable for creating multiple seven-figure profits online. He’s the youngest person ever to sell out a 700+ person business conference with industry-leading speakers while being his very first significant conference and selling out in less than twenty-two days.          


JetSetFly-Creating Success Stories For Posterity!

Josh King Madrid is the proprietor, founder, and torchbearer of JetSetFly, his brainchild dream enterprise, which is a personal and business development media company inspiring hundreds and thousands of wannabe millennials to follow their high-flying dreams, ambitions, and aspirations.

The over-enthusiastic, passionate bunch of go-getters-the Team Jet Set, under the patronage of Josh King Madrid, comprises some of the most influential young entrepreneurs showcasing their acumen by putting out free content such as blog articles, video content, and sharing business know-hows and ‘tricks of the trade’ including inspirational/motivational videos or content on social media platforms that could well turn out to be game-changers for those making the first moves.

Apart from that, Team Jet Set do multiple speaking tours where they take up the initiatives of hosting mastermind events from state to state and sell out rooms of 200+ people belonging to all ages eager to know and learn about the nitty-gritty of marketing, eCommerce, and the concept of personal branding in this ever-evolving era of technology.

JetSetFly revels in having a collective audience online of over half a million individuals and growing who show a keen interest in embarking on the journey of much-desired entrepreneurship and its nuances for long-term sustenance inspired by the true success story of Josh King Madrid’s net worth and the magnanimous empire he has built along consolidating and solidifying position as days gone by and the years to come.

According to him, he founded the team JetSetFly to make a difference in the lives of Gen X, Y, and Z by making them understand that selling online is not just a numbers game but a people’s game, where the entrepreneur needs to understand and give people the value they need and want to reach the dizzying heights of success.

Such is the captivating and motivating story of the visionary and young entrepreneur Josh King Madrid that leaves an impression well-etched on every people’s mind-young and not-so-young alike, setting a benchmark for posterity and changing the dynamics and perspectives one might have towards the notion of entrepreneurship, of which he’s the flagbearer.

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