Performance review makes employees jittery – even more so when they do it themselves. It’s hard to remember what to say, put out, and omit. Self-evaluation is pretty much the hardest part of the performance appraisal system. 

However, the uKnowva performance management system has never been easier to use as it is today for the modern workforce. It records all your assignments, projects, and loads more that’s got to do with your overall performance. 

To step up your routine with self-appraisal while using the uKnowva HRMS platform, practice the comments talked about below. These jumpstart and straighten your self-appraisal techniques and journey on the tool without much bias. 


Points To Note Before Writing Performance Review Comments:

Before listing the comments to use as a reference in your firm’s performance review platform, consider a few points. These are:

Know what you’re best at:

Always be aware of your contribution to your team and organisation. List all the possible activities and tasks you’re the best at. It will be the smart way to start your performance review comments

Know your weaknesses:

Do not shy away from blind spots and weak points. For many, it could be communication, time management, project management, or multitasking. Otherwise, there are other blind spots to cater to.

Be open about those blind spots with empathy and objectivity to state the reason behind those possible blind spots. It might not always be your fault as well. At times, you might not have resources you must avail yourself of from the company. 

This way, HR managers will note what type of resources to bestow you next. That’s one effective way to address those blind spots listed in the performance review

Know what you must be doing next:

After working on strategies for some time, we acknowledge our strengths and weaknesses. We must confide in our seniors or reporting managers to know our next best steps. You follow the same tactics if you are unaware. 

Take guidance from them. Jot those points justifying your next performance improvement plan. Before writing the comments, you can note these plans as a to-do list on the HRMS platform. That is to keep a personal note to yourself. 


Top Self-Appraisal Comments To Note For The Next Performance Review Cycle:


  • I can communicate my ideas to my teams with utmost clarity. 
  • I understand my job roles assigned by my RM or TL with conscience and clarity. 
  • I share relevant information on the social intranet whenever I feel that it adds value to my teams and organisation. 
  • I know when to approach my reporting managers and team members to resolve all my current doubts. 
  • I communicate my expectations from my team members as transparently as possible from day one.
  • I always take the best approach to add value to any performance review. I make it happen to address their achievements on time.

Job performance:

  • I have all the skills and competencies required for my current job role. 
  • I take my job responsibility seriously without compromising my mental health and overall well-being. 
  • I ensure that I add value to each completed project. 
  • I always aim to decrease the wasted hours by sharpening my focus as much as I can. 
  • I am glad and delighted to work with people from different areas, walks, and expertise of life. 
  • I am up for learning new skills and tasks required to make my job role more valuable for my team and organization. 


  • I fulfil my commitments on time and never waste the resources like the HRMS platform used for that purpose. 
  • My colleagues and peers can trust me to help them out in areas where I have a better experience and hold. 
  • I have completed (x number) of projects within a particular time frame. 
  • I have exceeded the expectations of my relationship or reporting manager with (x) percentage for (x number) of times in a given period. 
  • I always plan out my day to complete my activities on time. 
  • I motivate my employees, team members, and peers to work more effectively by being an inspiration to them. 
  • I use the ESS portal to become self-reliant for completing all my projects and self-auditing them for managers to overview without micromanagement. 
  • I follow all necessary email and communication etiquettes.
  • I never hesitate to ask for help from my colleagues or other team members while using the uKnowva employee engagement tool.

Customer orientation:

  • I can handle all my customers well, even if they are in a sour mood. 
  • I know how to tackle an unfriendly but potential customer. 
  • As I write down this performance review, I have closed (n number of deals) up until now. 
  • My customers feel happy and satisfied with the services I provide on behalf of my company. 
  • I have been given (x number) of ratings in the past month by (x number) of clients. 
  • I conducted (x number) of customer surveys in the given period, and my customers love me for that. 


  • I love bringing new ideas to the table before my reporting manager. 
  • I evaluate all the innovative and creative ideas discussed on the HRMS platform
  • I have an eye for detail for making sure that every creative and innovative idea our team approves is effective and fruitful.
  • I think from multiple perspectives when coming up with new, innovative, and unique ideas. 
  • I can learn new things pretty quickly. 
  • I do not believe in resisting changing cultural norms unnecessarily. 
  • I learnt (x number) of skills from (x) source in the last period, which would help me complete more projects flawlessly. 
  • My team and I weekly catch up on calls from anywhere to brainstorm new ideas and improve our process. 

Growth & Development:

  • My performance review platform helps me grow with a transparent knowledge of the completed projects and totalled efficiency. 
  • I set new and more challenging but acquiring goals every month. 
  • I keep myself attuned to new trends in the industry. 
  • I connect with colleagues from other departments in the firm for a relational analysis of the impact of my work.
  • I stay curious about and adapt to new and much-needed changes in the company culture. 


Conclusion for Performance Review Comments:

Self-appraisals are interesting concerning their impact on the performance review using the uKnowva HRMS solution. However, using the comments above, employees stay true to their commitment, come across as positive, and grow a self-reliant mindset.