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Smashy Road: Steal, run and create chaos

GAME: Smashy Road: Wanted 2 by Bearbit Studios B.V.

PLATFORMS: Android and iOS

GENRE: Action, car

Who doesn't get a thrill out of a thrilling pursuit? The protagonist steals a fast car, narrowly avoids being apprehended by the police, and leaves a trail of destruction in his wake. Adapted from this sequence is Smashy Road: Wanted 2, a video game that was released in 2011.

Your goal is to cause the greatest amount of damage possible before being discovered. Grand Theft Auto or GTA games feature you speeding through dense traffic and buildings while being pursued by law enforcement officers. The greater the amount of chaos and explosions, the higher the score will be awarded. It goes without saying that your "Wanted" status increases as well.

All of the controls are simple to use. The vehicle accelerates on its own, and you have the ability to turn, stop, or drift it. The game begins slowly, with only a handful of police cars pursuing you at the outset of the game. Military jeeps and helicopters, on the other hand, begin to appear from all directions. A round can last anywhere from one to five minutes. The destruction of other vehicles earns you points, but it also causes damage to your own vehicle in the process. Most importantly, you can enter and exit any vehicle, including police jeeps and oil tankers, without having to use your hands. There are vehicles that are extremely fast, extremely durable, and even fly!

Smashy Road has 3D voxel graphics that are similar to Crossy Roads in that they are cartoonish and have a comic-action feel to them. Action scenes, such as jumping off a bridge, are cinematic and satisfying in their re-creation. The city map is large and diverse, which encourages people to explore it. The desert, the ocean, the snow, and the suburbs are all within driving distance.

It is possible, however, that because the only goal of destruction is to earn points, it will become monotonous. However, there is a great deal to learn, which kept me occupied for quite some time. Special vehicles, such as airplanes and tanks, can be found scattered throughout the map. To unlock each one, you must complete a separate objective. For example, finding a heavily guarded military facility, gaining access to it, surviving an army, and destroying the exit with a firing tank are all necessary steps in unlocking the tank's doors. It's an exciting experience to take part in these missions, and having these abilities makes you feel powerful.

Concerning the negative aspects of the game, there is nothing that improves your ability to survive after a period of time spent playing it. It appears that no progress has been made in this regard. You can spend real money to unlock new characters and vehicles, but this is not sufficiently aspirational because it has no effect on the game's overall progression or difficulty. Even when the Wanted level increases and the police cars appear, you don't feel prepared to deal with a swarm of police on all sides, which is especially true when the Wanted level increases. A player's sense of powerlessness in an action game is counterproductive to the game's goals.

Smashy Roads can provide an adrenaline rush as early as the first two minutes of a round, assuming you can make it through that long. It gives you a byte-sized taste of what it's like to play Grand Theft Auto with basic controls. In spite of the fact that there is little room for advancement, there is still much to discover. And, while the player's advantage could have been improved, this is not a major flaw in the game's design. Take a look if you want to have some quick and chaotic fun. We would give it a 7.5 out of 10 on the scale of 1 to 10.

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