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Chapter 1:       Introduction

Chapter  2:       Discovering the Match between Data Science and Python

Chapter  3:       Introducing Python Capabilities

Chapter  4:       Introduction Introduction Setting Up Python for Data Science

Chapter  5:      Reviewing Basic Python

Chapter  6:      Working with Real Data

Chapter  7:      Conditioning Data

Chapter  8:      Shaping the Data

Chapter  9:      Putting What You Know in Action

Chapter  10:      MatPlotLib

Chapter  11:    Visualizing the Data

Chapter  12:    Understanding the Tools

Chapter  13:    Stretching Python Capabilities

Chapter  14:    Exploring Data Analysis

Chapter  15:    Reducing Dimensionality

Chapter  16:     Clustering

Chapter  17:     Detecting Outliers in Data

Chapter  18:     Exploring Four Simple and Effective Algorithms

Chapter  19:     Performing Cross-Validation, Selection, and Optimization

Chapter  20:     Increasing Complexity with Linear and Nonlinear Tricks

Chapter  21:     Understanding the Power of the Many

Chapter  22:     Essential Data Science Resource Collections

Chapter  23:     Data Challenges You Should Take

chapter  24:     Video Lectures

Chapter  25:    Exams and Certification

Python Data Science Quiz and Test

Python Data Science Exams and Certification

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