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Chapter 1:          Introduction

Chapter 2:          Geologic Structures

Chapter 3:           Geologic Maps and Stratigraphic Sections

Chapter 4:           Remote Sensing in Engineering Geology

Chapter 5:            Physical Properties of Minerals

Chapter 6:           Crystallography and Optical Properties

Chapter 7:           Chemical Characteristics of Minerals

Chapter 8:            Origin And Types of Rocks

Chapter 9:            Origin And Types of Soils

Chapter 10:          Igneous Rocks

Chapter 11:          Sedimentary Rocks

Chapter 12:          Metamorphic Rocks

Chapter 13:          Weathering

Chapter 14:          Sediment Transport and Deposition

Chapter 15:          Introduction to Subsurface Exploration

Chapter 16:          Introduction to Subsurface Exploration I

Chapter 17:         Sampling and Non-Intrusive Methods

Chapter 18:         Index Properties and Classification of Soils

Chapter 19:         Index Properties of Rock and Rock Mass

Chapter 20:         Stress-Strain Behavior of Soil and Rock

Chapter 21:         Stress-Strain Behavior of Soil and Rock - II

Chapter 22:         In-situ State of Stress

Chapter 23:         Geologic Considerations in Tunneling

Chapter 24:         Geologic Considerations in Dam Construction

Chapter 25:         Groundwater - Preliminaries

Chapter 26:         Groundwater Flow

Chapter 27:         Groundwater Flow - II

Chapter 28:         Groundwater Related Engineering Issues

Chapter 29:        Groundwater Over Utilization

Chapter 30:        Plate Tectonics

Chapter 31:        Plate Tectonics - 2 and Earthquake

Chapter 32:       Earthquake Hazard Assessment

Chapter 33:       Geologic Hazards - Seismicity and Volcanism

Chapter 34:       Geologic Hazards - Shoreline Processes I

Chapter 35:       Geologic Hazards - Shoreline Processes II

Chapter 36:       Geologic Hazards - Landslide Hazards - Zoning III

Chapter 37:       Geologic Hazards Subsidence, Collapsible Soils IV

Chapter 38:       Preparation of Geologic Sections

Chapter 39:       Index testing of soil & rocks

Chapter 40:       Identification of minerals and rock samples

Chapter 41:       Exams and Certification

Engineering Geology Quiz and Test

Engineering Geology Exams and Certification

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