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Chapter 1:   Introduction to Data Communication Course and Outline

Chapter 2:    Layered Architecture

Chapter 3:    Data and Signal

Chapter 4:    Transmission Impairments and Channel Capacity

Chapter 5:    Guided Transmission Media

Chapter 6:    Unguided Media

Chapter 7:    Transmission of Digital Signal Part I

Chapter 8:    Transmission of Digital Signal Part II

Chapter 9:    Transmission of Analog Signal Part I

Chapter10:   Transmission of Analog Signal Part II

Chapter 11:   Multiplexing

Chapter 12:   Multiplexing

Chapter 13:   Multiplexing Applications Part I

Chapter 14:   Multiplexing Applications Part II

Chapter 15:    Interfacing to the Media

Chapter 16:     Error Detection and Correction

Chapter 17:     Flow and Error Control

Chapter 18:     Data Link Control

Chapter 19:     Switching Techniques Circuit Switching

Chapter 20:     Switching Techniques Packet Switching

Lecture 19:     Routing Part I

Lecture 20:     Routing Part II

Data Communication Quiz  and Test

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