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Chapter 1:      Introduction

Chapter 2:      Feedback

Chapter3:       Mathematical Models

Chapter 4:      Modelling of Mechanical Systems

Chapter 5:      Electrical Analogies of Mechanical Systems

Chapter 6:      Block Diagrams

Chapter 7:      Block Diagram Algebra

Chapter 8:      Block Diagram Reduction

Chapter 9:      Signal Flow Graphs

Chapter 10:    Mason's Gain Formula

Chapter 11:   Time Response Analysis

Chapter 12:    Response of the First Order System

Chapter 13:    Response of Second Order System

Chapter 14:    Time Domain Specifications

Chapter 15:    Steady-State Errors

Chapter 16:     Stability

Chapter 17:     Stability Analysis

Chapter 18:     Root Locus

Chapter 19:     Construction of Root Locus

Chapter 20:     Frequency Response Analysis

Chapter 21:     Bode Plots

Chapter 22:    Construction of Bode Plots

Chapter 23:    Polar Plots

Chapter 24:    Nyquist Plots

Chapter 25:    Compensators

Chapter 26:    Controllers

Chapter 27:    State-Space Model

Chapter 28:    State Space Analysis

Chapter 29:     Exams and Certification Feedback

Control System Quiz and Test

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