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 Chapter 1:   Introduction

Chapter 2:    Deterministic Finite Automaton

Chapter 3:     Non-deterministic Finite Automaton

Chapter 4:      NDFA to DFA Conversion

Chapter 5:      DFA Minimization

Chapter 6:       Moore & Mealy Machines

Chapter 7:       Introduction to Grammars

Chapter 8:       Classification of Grammars

Chapter 9:        Language Generated by Grammars

Chapter 10:      Chomsky Grammar Classification

Chapter 11:       Regular Grammar

Chapter 12:       Regular Expressions

Chapter 13:      Regular Sets

Chapter 14:      Arden's Theorem

Chapter 15:      Constructing FA from RE

Chapter 16:       Pumping Lemma for Regular Grammar

Chapter 17:       DFA Complement

Chapter 18:       Context-Free Grammar

Chapter 19:      Ambiguity in Grammar

Chapter 20:     CFL Closure Properties

Chapter 21:     CFG Simplification

Chapter 22:    Chomsky Normal Form

Chapter 23:    Greibach Normal Form

Chapter 24:    Pumping Lemma for CFG

Chapter 25:   Pushdown Automata

Chapter 26:    Pushdown Automata Acceptance

Chapter 27:    PDA & Context-Free Grammar

Chapter 28:    PDA & Parsing

Chapter 29:    Turing Machine

Chapter30:      Accepted & Decided Language

Chapter31:     Multi-tape Turing Machine

Chapter 32:    Multi-Track Turing Machine

Chapter 33:    Non-Deterministic Turing Machine


Chapter 34:    Semi-Infinite Tape Turing Machine

Chapter 35:    Linear Bounded Automata

Chapter 37:    Decidability

Chapter 38:    Language Decidability

Chapter 39:    Undecidable Language

Chapter 40:    Turing Machine Halting Problem

Chapter 41:     Rice Theorem

Chapter 42:     Post Correspondence Problem

Chapter43:     Exams and Certification

Automata Theory Quiz and Test

Automata Theory  Exams and Certification

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