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Data Mining Full Video Tutorial


Great Learning


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Agenda

Chapter 3:Basics of Python

Chapter 4: Installing Python

Chapter 5: operators in Python and Variables

Chapter 6: Data Types in Python

Chapter 7: Conditional and Looping Flow Control Statements in Python

Chapter 8: Introduction to Python Libraries

Chapter 9: Numerical Computation with Numpy

Chapter 10: Functions in Python

Chapter 11: Pandas with Data Wrangling

Chapter 12: Data Visualization with Python: Seaborn & Matplotlib

Chapter 13: Anomaly or Outlier Detection

Chapter 14: Introduction to Machine Learning

Chapter 15: Cluster Analysis with K-means

Chapter 16: Regression Analysis in Data Mining

Chapter 17: Logistic Regression

Data Mining Quiz and Test

Data Mining Examination and Certification

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