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Samori Coles


Lesson 1: The Fundamentals Of Sound

Lesson 2: Understanding Frequency & How to Use An Equalizer (EQ)

Lesson 3: Beginning Compression

Lesson 4: Mixing 101: Balance

Lesson 5: The Mixing Board 'How Does It Work'

Lesson 6: Behringer X32 - Board Setup for Monitor Sends

Lesson 7: X32 Live! Webinar: Routing overview

Lesson 8: Behringer X32 - Logic Pro Setup

Lesson 9: All About Patchbay. Behringer PX2000 & PX3000

Lesson 10: X32 Live! Webinar: X32 with Pro Tools!

Lesson 11: X32 Live! Webinar: Mix Buses

Lesson 12: Streaming Mixes From DAW To Web Browsers Using LISTENTO Plug-in By Audiomovers
Lesson 13: EQ Tricks for Bass and Kicks - Into The Lair #97

Lesson 14: The frequency balance of a HIT RECORD!
Lesson 15: Mick Guzauski Masterclass on Pop and Funk Mixing [ft. Jamiroquai]
Lesson 16: Pro Tools: How To Connect External MIDI Devices | WinkSound
Lesson 17: Fugue
Lesson 18: DIY Sound Absorbing Panels for Churches
Lesson 19: The Future of Mastering: Loudness in the Age of Music Streaming
Lesson 20: X32 Audio To And From Zoom | Step by Step Setup
Lesson 21: How To Setup X32 USB Output For Live Stream | Basic Mirror of Main Output
Lesson 22: How To Connect Your Warm Audio WA73-EQ to a Patchbay | Using a preamp in a Patchbay

Audio Engineering Quiz and Test

Audio  Engineering Exams and Certification

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