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Lecture 1: Introduction to Operational Amplifier: Characteristics of Ideal Op-Amp

Lecture 2: Operational Amplifier: Inverting Op Amp and The Concept of Virtual Ground in Op Amp

Lecture 3: Operational Amplifier: Non-Inverting Op-Amp and Op-Amp as Buffer (Op-Amp as Voltage Follower)

Lecture 4: Op-Amp: Summing Amplifier (Inverting and Non-Inverting Summing Amplifiers)

Lecture 5: Operational Amplifier: Op-Amp as Differential Amplifier or Op-Amp as subtractor (With Examples)

Lecture 6: Op-Amp Integrator (with Derivation and Solved Examples)

Lecture 7: Op-Amp Differentiator (with Derivation and Examples)

Lecture 8: Op-Amp: Gain Bandwidth Product and Frequency Response

Lecture 9: Op-Amp Slew Rate Explained (with Examples)

Lecture 10: Op-Amp: CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) Explained (with example)

Lecture 11: Op-Amp: Input Offset Voltage Explained

Lecture 12: Op-Amp: Input Bias Current and Input Offset Current Explained

Lecture 13: Op-Amp Solved Examples (Part 1)

Lecture 14: Op-Amp Solved Examples (Part 2)

Lecture 15: Comparator Explained (Inverting Comparator, Non-Inverting Comparator and Window Comparator)

Lecture 16: Schmitt Trigger Explained (Design of Inverting and Non-inverting Schmitt Trigger using Op-Amp)

Lecture 17: Solved Examples on Schmitt Trigger and Comparator

Lecture 18: Instrumentation Amplifier Explained (with Derivation)

Lecture 19: Op-Amp: Voltage to Current Converter

Lecture 20: Op-Amp: Current to Voltage Converter (Transimpedance Amplifier) and it's applications

Lecture 21: Log and Antilog Amplifiers Explained | Applications of Log and Antilog Amplifiers

Lecture 22: What is Precision Rectifier? Precision Rectifier Explained

Lecture 23: Peak Detector Circuit Explained

Lecture 24: RC Phase Shift Oscillator (using Op-Amp) Explained

Lecture 25: Wien Bridge Oscillator (using op-amp) Explained

Lecture 26: Astable Multivibrator (using op-amp) Explained

Lecture 27: Monostable Multivibrator (using op-amp) Explained

Lecture 28: How to Generate a Triangular Wave (Part -1)

Lecture 29: How to Generate a Triangular Wave (Part- 2)

Lecture 30: Active Clamper Circuit (Clamper Circuit using Op-Amp) Explained

Lecture 31: Active Clipper Circuit (Clipper Circuit using op-amp) Explained

Lecture 32: Voltage Regulator: Op Amp as Voltage Regulator

Amplifier Quiz and Test

Amplifier Exams and Certification

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