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Ken Kutaragi, creator of the PlayStation, is opposed to the metaverse and finds virtual reality headsets "annoying"

In the world of technology, the metaverse appears to be the next big thing to come along. Almost everyone is talking about it, and it appears as though every major technology corporation wants a piece of the action. Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg is so enamored with the metaverse that his company has been renamed "Meta."

For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of the metaverse, it entails the creation of a virtual universe within the real world in which people can interact without ever leaving their homes or even leaving their computers. Take into consideration replacing Zoom meetings with virtual work meetings that make use of avatars that can move around in a virtual environment. When NFTs are used in conjunction with metaverse denizens, they can even "own" non-existent objects.

It should be noted that not everyone has jumped aboard the metaverse train. Ken Kutaragi, the PlayStation's inventor and former head of Sony's gaming division, told Bloomberg that he saw no reason for a "quasi-real" world in which gamers could interact with their characters.

According to Kutaragi, "while being present in the real world is important, being in the metaverse involves creating something quasi-real in the virtual world, and I don't see the point," he said in an interview. "Instead of being your authentic self, you'd prefer to be a polished avatar? That is virtually identical to the anonymous messageboard sites that are popular today."

In addition, the "Father of the PlayStation" finds virtual reality headsets "annoying" because they isolate users from their surroundings and the real world.

According to him, "Headsets would isolate you from reality, which is something I cannot agree with." "Headsets are a source of frustration."

Currently, Kutaragi is serving as the CEO of Ascent Robotics, an artificial intelligence startup that is working in the polar opposite direction of Facebook/Meta. Ascent is developing technology that converts physical objects into data that can be read by computers. Earlier this year, the company completed a $1 billion funding round, which was led by Kutaragi's former employer Sony.

Despite the fact that he is currently receiving a salary waiver from Ascent, Kutaragi maintains that "off-the-shelf" hardware will not be sufficient to accomplish his goals. In order to create an entirely new robotics platform, his team will use the funds raised to develop new software as well as sensors and machines.

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