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Zoom commits $85 million to the resolution of a class-action lawsuit

There are two groups that are eligible to submit a claim for a share of the $85 million pool of funds. Individuals who subscribed to the Zoom Meetings App between March 30th, 2016 and July 30th, 2021 are included in the first category of subscribers. The user may submit a claim for $25 or 15 percent of the total amount spent on app subscriptions (excluding add-ons), whichever is greater, if the claim is approved. You must have spent at least $167 on Zoom subscriptions in order to be eligible for anything other than a $25 reward.

The second category includes anyone who downloaded the Zoom Meetings App between March 30th, 2016 and July 30th, 2021 and registered, used, or opened the app during that time period. Those who have done so are eligible to submit a claim for a $15 reimbursement.

These figures are subject to change depending on the number of claims that are submitted. Those who meet the eligibility requirements must submit a claim by March 5, 2022, in order to be considered. The enterprise level and Zoom for Government accounts are excluded from the eligibility criteria. The claim form can be completed and submitted online, or it can be sent to the address listed on the form.

Zoom was initially accused of sharing personal data without users' consent after it was discovered that the Zoom iOS app was sending data to Facebook without their knowledge. The problem was eventually resolved, but it wasn't long before another problem with the 'Company Directory' feature was discovered and fixed. It was possible for users who registered using personal email accounts from non-standard providers to have their contacts lists automatically populated with other users who registered using the same provider's email account.

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