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Tesla has issued a recall for 475,000 vehicles due to camera and front trunk malfunctions

More than 475,000 Tesla vehicles have been recalled as a result of technical defects that may increase the risk of an accident. Two separate recalls have been issued, one for the Tesla Model 3's rear-view camera and another for the Tesla Model S's frunk, or front trunk, latches, both of which were issued on the same day.

According to Tesla's annual report, the massive recall is nearly as large as the company's total global deliveries last year, which totaled just under 500,000 vehicles, according to the company.

Two voluntary recall reports have been received by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, and Tesla stores and service centers were notified of the recalls last week.

There is a recall on all Model 3 vehicles manufactured between 2017 and 2020, for a total of 356,309 units, due to a cable that may separate over time due to wear and tear, obstructing the rear-view camera feed and causing the vehicle to crash.

Additionally, a significant number of Model S vehicles are being recalled due to a problem with the front-trunk latch, which could cause the hood to open unintentionally while driving. According to the NHTSA's filing, the faulty trunk latch is found in 119,009 automobiles.

According to one report, Tesla began looking into the frunk issue in January 2021 after a frunk opened while a Tesla Model S was in Drive. Tesla has not commented on the report. Another report states that the company began investigating the camera issue in June 2021 after noticing a "potential trend" in the consumption of wiring harnesses at its service centers, which led to the investigation.

A federal safety investigation into Tesla's "Passenger Play" feature, which allowed passengers to use their cars' touchscreens to play video games while driving, resulted in the recalls. Following the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's announcement of a preliminary evaluation of the play feature, Tesla announced last week that the feature would now be available only when the vehicle is in park.

Additionally, the administration is looking into the automaker in connection with at least 11 accidents that involved Autopilot and other self-driving features, according to the administration. This series of collisions occurred when Tesla cars collided with emergency vehicles responding to previous crash scenes, resulting in 17 injuries and one death, according to the report.

On Thursday morning, Tesla's stock fell by 1.1 percent in premarket trading, but it recovered later in the day. According to current estimates, the stock has increased by approximately 54 percent in 2018. Tesla has declined to provide any additional information on the recalls.

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