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Microsoft is releasing an update to Notepad for Windows 11 that includes new visuals and a dark mode

It was only in 2018 that Microsoft released an update to Notepad, which included new keyboard shortcuts as well as improvements to the find/replace dialog and word-wrapping. While fully featured alternatives such as Sublime Text, Notepad++, and Atom have continued to improve, the text editor app has remained stagnant in the intervening period.

Microsoft is making an attempt to make up for lost time by introducing a redesigned user interface that includes rounded-cornered windows, updated menus, and a new settings page, among other changes. For these visuals, Mica, an opaque, dynamic UI in the application backdrop that changes color depending on the colors of the desktop wallpaper, was used to create the illusion of depth.

With the new Notepad, a new visual feature known as dark mode has been added to the mix. However, if you're already using the app on Windows 11, the option will be inherited and used by default if you don't enable it on the settings page. On the settings page, in addition to the dark mode option, users can choose from a number of different font styles.

The text editor in Windows 11 will provide a more modern and intuitive search/find/replace experience, in addition to the enhancements to Notepad's editing capabilities. Additionally, the software developer has added support for multi-level undo, which has been one of the most frequently requested features by the community.

Although Microsoft acknowledges that the preview version of the text editor contains some bugs, the company says that these will be fixed in future releases. Notepad is now available to Windows 11 Insiders in the form of a shortcut. For those who are experiencing difficulties in locating the update, you can check for updates through the Microsoft Store.

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