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VLC Media Player has some awesome tips and tricks that you should know about

Because of its straightforward design and user-friendly interface, VLC is one of the most widely used media players on the planet. The majority of users rely solely on VLC's video-playing capabilities, which are extremely lightweight. There are a number of additional powerful tools in VLC that you may not have been aware of.

Converting Video Format


You can convert your videos to a different format with the help of the VLC Media Player. VLC is capable of converting between a wide range of video formats and vice versa. In addition, you can use the conversion feature to apply effects and filters to your videos before exporting them.


To begin, select Media from the drop-down menu and then click Convert/Save.


Select "Add" and then navigate to the video file you wish to convert and press "Open."

Click on the Convert/Save the video button at the bottom of the window.


You can create a new profile by selecting it from the drop-down menu on the right side of the settings page.

Opt for a video format; MP4 is the most widely used today.


Select the video codec and enable video playback. Choose H264 as the codec to use. These parameters will be ignored if both the bitrate and quality are set to zero.


By selecting the Audio tab, you can enable audio. In addition, you have the option of keeping the original audio track.


Fill in the blanks with your profile's name and then click "Create."


By selecting a file location for your converted clip and pressing the start button, you can begin the conversion process.


Subtitles are available for download


VLsub allows you to download and add subtitles to your movies in a matter of minutes. Finding subtitles for your favorite movies or television shows is as simple as doing a Google search.


Select VLsub from the view menu to display the VLsub window.

After you've entered your language and film information, you can conduct a name search. A list of all of the available subtitle files will be compiled for your convenience. Simply select one and then select "Download Selection" from the drop-down menu. Automatically generated subtitles will be added to the video.


Customize Interface


The fundamental architecture of VLC is straightforward. While there are few customization options available, you do have some control over the player's user interface. In the top bar, you'll find the View menu, which gives you access to several interface options.


Select "Customize Interface" from the Tools drop-down menu.


You will be presented with a new menu, from which you can completely customize and alter the VLC user interface.

Trimming of Videos and Saving of Clips


Video trimming is a very useful feature in the VLC media player. It is possible to cut out boring sections of your video or shorten it in order to concentrate on a specific section using this feature. While there are a variety of options for trimming clips in VLC, the most straightforward is to use the Convert / Save tool.


Starting with "Media," then "Convert / Save," you'll be on your way.


Select "Add" and then navigate to the video clip you wish to trim and select it.


At the bottom of the page, select the "Show more options" checkbox.


Decide on the start and end times for your new video clip. This is the portion of the document that will be kept.


"Convert / Save" will appear on the screen.


Choose from an existing profile or create a new one if necessary.


Choose Browse and give your new clip a name and a location by clicking on it.


By pressing the Start button, your newly created clip will be exported to the specified location.


Watching of YouTube and Twitch Streams


YouTube and Twitch are supported by VLC in addition to the standard video formats. If you don't want to have too many browsers open or if you want to enhance your viewing experience with audio and video filters, this is a fantastic option for you.


Open a network stream by selecting it from the Media options menu.


Copy and paste the URL of the video or stream you want to watch into the address bar.


Using the arrow at the bottom of the screen, select "Play."


The video or stream you selected has now begun to play.


Make a video your desktop background


Aside from that, you can use VLC play a video as a background image. As a result, this feature only affects one monitor and is primarily intended to allow you to watch a video in full screen mode without interfering with the rest of the computer's functionality. This feature can be used to prevent you from accidentally exiting full screen mode.


Play a video in the VLC media player


Make a right-click on the video and select "Video" followed by "Set as Wallpaper" to make it your wallpaper. Additionally, the video menu on the VLC toolbar provides access to this feature.


To remove the wallpaper, simply repeat the procedure as previously described.

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