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Users' taskbars are experiencing issues as a result of Windows 11: Here's how to resolve the issue

On October 5, 2021, Windows 11 began rolling out to eligible PCs, but fans were less enthusiastic about Microsoft's flagship product because it appears to be in the early stages of development. Windows 11's taskbar, which is one of the new operating system's most notable features, is currently not in a perfect shape for some users.

It is possible that the new Windows 10 taskbar will not appear at all in some cases due to the persistence of the old Windows 10 taskbar. If you're forced to use the old taskbar, the Start menu will become unresponsive as a result of the change.

What exactly is going on here?

What is causing the taskbar to become unresponsive on Windows 11?

If you use Microsoft's Installation Assistant for Windows 11 to update your computer, the taskbar does not appear, according to users on Reddit and Microsoft's community forums. Windows 10 retains its left-aligned taskbar after the update is complete, but the Start menu is no longer responsive after the update.

In short, if you updated to Windows 11 using Microsoft's Installation Assistant, you may find yourself with an unresponsive Start menu and the old taskbar on your computer. Because of this, the solution is relatively simple:

How to Restore the Functionality of the Windows 11 Taskbar

To begin, it's important to understand that these are not official fixes, and therefore should not be considered as such. To put it another way, they are effective in the majority of cases but not in all cases.

To get started, simply uninstall any previously installed updates and restart your computer. This can be accomplished by navigating to Settings > Windows Update > View update history > Uninstall updates from the Windows Start menu. Remove the most recent cumulative update from the list of updates that appears on the screen (KB5005635).

If everything is working properly, you can restart your computer and the Windows 11 taskbar should appear. Simply going to Settings > Windows Update and checking for available updates will take care of replacing any previously deleted updates.

To use the second solution, you must first create a new local administrator account on Windows and then log in with that account.

To create a local administrator account, press Win + R and type netplwiz into the Run box. For instructions on how to create a local administrator account, click Add and follow the on-screen directions.

Using the local administrator account, log out of your PC and then back in using the local administrator account you created. Upon request, Windows will be able to collect data such as location information from you.

Next, use your Microsoft Account to log into the newly created local administrator account you just created. You'll be able to access your taskbar once more.

After that, transfer your data from your old account to your new account and delete your old user account to complete the process.

Installing Windows 11 from scratch is the last resort. This can be accomplished by downloading a Windows 11 image (ISO file) from Microsoft's website and installing it on your computer using a bootable Windows USB drive that contains the Windows operating system.

A fresh installation of Windows can be extremely beneficial in resolving a wide range of common Windows-related issues and problems. A clean install of Windows 11 is therefore the best option if you want to upgrade to Windows 11 but are not concerned about losing any data.

In Conclusion 

The launch of Windows 11 is shaky. From poor gaming performance to software bugs such as the taskbar disappearing, Microsoft has a long list of issues to address. Despite the fact that all of these bugs have been resolved, Microsoft still has features to add. Support for Android applications, for example, has yet to be implemented despite previous promises. Consequently, it will take some time before Windows 11 is at its peak performance. We should give Microsoft as much time as possible to perfect it.

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