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Twitter could be disrupting your threads by placing adverts in the reply section

A new feature being tested by Twitter, the popular microblogging platform, will allow the company to insert advertisements directly into tweet conversations, according to the company's announcement.

The company's advertisements were previously sandwiched in between posts on the timeline. A new feature being tested by Twitter will include advertisements immediately following the first, third, and eighth replies to a tweet, depending on the number of replies received.

Revenue Product Lead Bruce Falck made the announcement on behalf of the organization. Mr Falck made the announcement via Twitter, along with a GIF depicting the planned in-conversation advertisements.

The new ad format, which the company plans to test on iOS and Android devices around the world in the coming months, will provide creators and advertisers with new ways to present their offerings in the context of meaningful conversations.

However, Twitter says it will experiment with different layouts, frequency, and contextual relevance to determine whether this is a permanent change. The ads will retain their tiny 'promoted' text to alert users that they are advertisements.

It is only a few days after Twitter announced plans to develop a new set of tools that will allow businesses to target advertisements to customers who are more likely to make in-app purchases.

The San Francisco-based company also claims to be improving its algorithms to deliver more relevant advertisements to the right set of users, increasing the chances that they will click on the advertisement.

"Performance advertising represents an enormous opportunity for us that has gone largely unexploited until this point. Finally, consumers will be more likely to download applications, visit websites, and discover products that meet their specifications as a result of this." -Kamara Benjamin, group product manager at Twitter, made the observation.

Users' Reactions 

The announcement by Twitter that it would begin testing advertisements in the middle of conversations elicited a wide range of responses from users on social media. According to the vast majority of them, this is a bad idea.

The response section, according to one user, would become 'incredibly disjointed' as a result of this.

To elaborate, this makes replies look incredibly disjointed, and 3 ads in the span of 10 replies is way too much. It's very different from your feed, where consecutive tweets aren't related. Here, all the tweets are about the same thing, so that many ads is disruptive

— shahabarata (@shabberwocky) October 13, 2021

Another user expressed concern that advertisements would detract from people's interest in threads because they would occasionally interrupt the flow of conversation:

It will ruin my interest in the thread. That’s fine, I spend too much time on twitter.

— DaisySirius (@ReaderCatMe) October 14, 2021

Despite the fact that advertisements generate a significant portion of the revenue generated by social media platforms, Remember that despite massive user growth, Twitter's ad revenue decreased by $25 million in the first quarter of 2021.

While the stock has appeared to have recovered in recent quarters, the company's desire to avoid a similar drop in the future may be one of the reasons they are increasingly experimenting with new ways to expand advertising avenues. How Twitter handles this situation will be very interesting to watch.

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