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KnowBe4’s virtual cybersecurity summit 

In order to assist organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa in staying current with evolving cyber threats, KnowBe4, the world's largest provider of security awareness training and simulated phishing, recently hosted KB4-CON EMEA on September 23rd in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Thousands of organizations are negatively affected by cybercrime and attacks, which cost the global economy billions of dollars each year and cost billions of dollars each year. Businesses that fail to protect their IoT (internet of things) devices, as a result of the proliferation of connected smart devices, expose their information technology infrastructure to cyber attacks.

A keynote address by Juliette Foster, journalist and founder of Magnus Communications, set the tone for the rest of the day's discussions, providing insight into cybersecurity breaches and the unique challenges faced by organizations across the EMEA region. "The reality is that every organization is vulnerable to a security breach at some point in their existence. Attempts to breach online systems were made against businesses in the United Kingdom last year, with at least 668,961 attempts made against them. This represents an increase of 20 percent over the previous year, and it equates to one attempted attack every 46 seconds. However, some experts believe that the increase is due to the pandemic and the shift toward remote work, and that it serves to reinforce the perception that some countries, such as the United Kingdom, continue to have one of the most breached cyber security networks in the world "Juliet went into detail. As an additional point of emphasis, she stated that these attacks are not only common, but the attackers' brazen confidence necessitates the need for cyber security professionals to constantly raise their level of awareness regarding security threats.

Stu Sjouwerman, the Founder and CEO of KnowBe4, spoke during the first session of the day about the company's vision and the inspiration that led to its creation and development. "The problem was social engineering, and KnowBe4's mission was to equip employees with the knowledge and tools they needed to make more informed security choices on a daily basis. The company currently serves more than 41,100 clients across 10 countries with more than 1200 employees and has completed more than 7100 translations in total around the world "He went on to explain.

Sjouwerman also emphasized the lack of standardized cybercrime and data protection regulations on the continent, emphasizing the importance of rectifying this situation. "Africa has the world's youngest population, with a median age of 20 years. The continent's growing youth are demanding global connectivity and driving exponential growth in technology adoption and smart device ownership. The use of social media is growing rapidly in Africa. As a result, only 19 of Africa's 54 countries have amended the European Union's cyber security convention, making the continent an extremely attractive market for cybercriminals to target."

The following session was moderated by Mikko Hyppönen, Chief Research Officer at F-Secure. With demonstrations of advanced cybersecurity solutions, Mikko Hypponen debated whether the internet was the best or worst innovation of the new millennium. He also discussed the different ways in which global networks are affected by surveillance and cybercrime. According to Hyppönen, humanity is undergoing multiple waves of a technological revolution at the same time.

"Because if there is an extended power outage anywhere in the world, factories will be unable to operate, potentially resulting in a halt to food production, the internet is quickly becoming as essential to our survival as electricity. Internet connectivity will eventually become as critical as electricity in the modern world "Hypponen foresaw the situation.

In August 2021, Comparitech published research on cybercrime issues, and the findings revealed that the United Kingdom was among the top four countries with the highest losses, with 4.86 million cybercrime victims and $17.4 billion in losses, according to the company. According to the Cost of a Breach study conducted by IBM and Ponemon, data breaches in the United Kingdom cost businesses an average of $3.88 million per breach. According to Sophos, 48 percent of UK organizations were targeted by ransomware attacks in the last year, with 13 percent of those organizations agreeing to pay the demanded ransom amount.

In light of all of these issues, it is the perpetrators, rather than the victims, who are responsible for security breaches caused by BOT and DNS attacks. Medical data has also become a target for hackers, which is why businesses have begun to prioritize and invest in the development of a backup strategy in order to reduce the risk of being hit by ransomware infections.

The Kevin Mitnick Security Awareness Training Platform was also introduced by Greg Kras, KnowBe4's Chief Cloud Officer and Chief Product Officer, and Chris Cline, KnowBe4's Director of Product Management, demonstrated some of the features and advantages of KnowBe4's web-based platform PhishER, which was also demonstrated during the event.

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