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Future electronics may display information through clothing

It does not appear to be that difficult to remove your phone from your pocket. But there are times when it would be beneficial to have information displayed on your jeans rather than having to pull out your phone to check a small notification. This is where PocketView technology may prove to be beneficial. It makes use of LED lights to illuminate the basic information that is displayed on fabric in the display. According to the scientists, PocketView could be used as a stand-alone piece of technology or to enhance the capabilities of smartphones, pens, key fobs, and other commonly used devices.

PocketView is a surprisingly easy-to-use piece of software. A large number of bright LEDs would shine through the fabric, displaying basic information such as email or text message notifications, phone calls, and the current weather conditions. No need to get too complicated because the resolution would obviously be low, and we aren't even going to get into colors at this point. It's just the bare essentials.

Why, on the other hand, would you want your display to illuminate your underwear? Pretend you're riding your bike and your phone is in your pocket. What happens next? You look down to see that you've received a phone call when you feel it vibrate for the first time. If you could view the notification without having to take your phone out of your pocket, you could do so much more quickly and conveniently. Making a call on your phone while riding a bike is even more dangerous. Additional GPS information may be displayed by PocketView to assist you in locating and reaching your destination.

Although currently in development as a standalone device, researchers are working on making the PocketView a standalone device. A piece of wearable technology that provides you with some basic information about your surroundings and surroundings. However, it is possible that it will be integrated into virtually any device in the future. It goes without saying that Daniel Vogel, an associate professor of computer science at Waterloo, and his team are concentrating on the technical and programming aspects of the invention. The fact that it is being considered as a fashion accessory, on the other hand, has generated a lot of interest. Individuals could use it in a variety of settings, including clubs, sports, and a variety of other activities. "It's such a simple concept, but it's also such a revolutionary one with a great deal of potential," says the author.

There are numerous reasons why this technology, despite its relative simplicity, would be extremely useful. Here are a few examples. It would reduce the number of times you would have to take your phone out of your pocket. When it comes to small folding phones, whose screens are hidden when the phone is folded, PocketView would be particularly useful – a small exterior screen could be used to display PocketView.

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