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 These Popular Android Apps Could Be Slowing Down Your Phone

Nobody enjoys a sluggish phone. Whether it's your internet coverage or speed, or the apps you're using, a slow phone can be extremely inconvenient. And, believe it or not, the apps you've downloaded to your phone can affect its overall speed.

However, which apps are responsible for running in the background and causing your phone to slow down? Consider some of the most frequently convicted criminals.

Pre-Installed Apps

When you first purchase a new smartphone, it typically comes pre-installed with a slew of apps. They're frequently referred to as bloatware because many of these apps aren't particularly useful and are unlikely to be used even once during the phone's lifetime.

While some of these applications cannot be easily uninstalled, the majority of them can. Eliminating these unused apps will free up space on your device and improve its performance. Numerous these applications run in the background, even if they are not used frequently or at all.

Therefore, uninstalling the ones you can (and even researching how to uninstall the ones you can't) can significantly improve your phone's speed.

Apps for Social Media and Messaging

While social media and messaging apps are among our favorites, they are also the most responsible for slowing down our phones.

Snapchat may be the worst, as it is constantly monitoring your location and updating your location within the app. Naturally, it must also notify you when new snaps arrive in an attempt to entice you to spend more time in the app.

Another app that is notorious for slowing down your phone is Facebook. The app enjoys running in the background, monitoring your activity. If you also have Messenger installed, this is another application that never sleeps (along with Snapchat).

And, of course, Instagram is now owned by Facebook, making it another app that is constantly monitoring your location and sending you notifications.

On your phone, Twitter does not appear to be nearly as intrusive or demanding as Snapchat or Messenger.

Cleaning Apps

Numerous cleaning apps claim to protect your phone from viruses and increase its speed by removing unnecessary bloat. In reality, however, many cleaning apps add unnecessary bloat to your phone, which ultimately slows it down.

Certain cleaning apps may even contain malware that can have a detrimental effect on your phone.

If you don't choose the right cleaning app for your phone, you're likely to end up with an app that runs in the background unnecessarily, constantly searching for "bloat" and potentially searching your phone for other sensitive data.

Clean Master, one of the most infamous cleaning applications, was discovered to be violating Google Play's privacy and security policies. The app was stealing personal information from users' phones and reselling it.

Mobile Games

Certain mobile games, particularly those that are small, will have little, if any, impact on your phone. Other games may place a high demand on your phone.

For instance, a game like Just Mowing is relatively small and simple, and does not significantly slow down the phone when it is in use or sleeping. Much larger games, such as Call of Duty Mobile, consume a significant amount of storage space on your phone. Additionally, if your phone does not have enough storage, large games like these can significantly slow down your phone's performance.

Additionally, certain games run in the background without your knowledge. For instance, Charm Farm is listed as a Sleeping App on my Samsung phone, which means that it will occasionally run in the background, but not constantly. Other games may fall under the category of Never Sleeping Apps.

How to Determine Which Apps Are Slowing Down Your Phone

While certain apps are the most common contributors to a slow phone, it's critical to understand how to check your own phone. Occasionally, an app you would never consider is the most resource-intensive on your phone.

To check the storage capacity of your phone, navigate to Battery and Device Care > Storage on Samsung devices or Settings > Storage on other devices. If you scroll down, your phone will frequently tell you which apps you aren't using are consuming the most storage.

You can view all of your apps by selecting Apps from the internal storage menu. After selecting an app, you can select Mobile Data to see how much background data is being used and even disable it if desired.

Additionally, you can check the memory on your phone by going to Battery and Device Care > Memory. When you arrive at this page, your phone should offer you the option of cleaning up (and speeding up) your device by disabling background apps. You can uncheck any applications that you do not want to be stopped.

The memory settings on some phones are hidden within the Developer Options.

In Conclusion

There are so many apps we use on a daily basis that we probably aren't even aware of how much they slow down our phones. We enjoy scrolling through social media and getting sucked into mobile games or cleaning apps that advertise a faster phone, but all of these activities, especially when combined, can have negative consequences.

It's critical to understand that because not everyone uses the same apps, you must dig into your specific phone and determine which apps are the most resource-intensive. Keep in mind that your phone may act slowly at times due to downloaded apps. Occasionally, your phone may experience a slowdown for a variety of other reasons.

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