Learn How to Dance With These Android and iPhone Apps

While dancing is an excellent hobby to pursue, it can appear intimidating at first. You may believe that you must devote a significant amount of time and establish a daily routine, but this is not the case.

It’s a relaxing activity that you can pursue at your own pace, and these apps will provide you with everything you need to get started.


Everdance has something for everyone, whether you want to learn new dances or sell your own dance classes.

The app has coaching videos for various dances. Rather than just copying the dance instructor, advice is given on how to learn movements. You can record a video of yourself dancing with the coach to track your progress.

You can upload your dances and get feedback from the Everdance community. Experienced dancers can create and distribute their own classes on Everdance. There are many ways to lead online groups or dance trends.

The app is great for learning a specific dance move or exploring your dance interests.


Koros has you covered if you want to start dancing with the best. The app’s instructors are professional ballroom dancers who will teach you everything you need to know. You can take live classes with instructors or watch pre-recorded lectures on the app.

Koros provides virtual mentorship from professional dancers to improve your dancing and dance knowledge.

The live sessions are interactive and you can receive feedback and advice. The instructors can analyze and show you anything you want. This app is perfect for serious dancers.


STEEZY is a dance studio app for anyone interested in learning to dance. It has classes for all levels and styles, including hip-hop, k-pop, and more traditional.

It has over a hundred dance instructors and over a thousand classes. You might think “quantity over quality” fits STEEZY, but you’d be wrong, as the instructors are all accomplished professionals.

You can use your camera as a virtual mirror to dance alongside your instructor, or choose different angles to view the instructor from. STEEZY focuses on creating an online dance class experience.

Just Dance Now

You just want to have fun. With no pressure from dance classes, Just Dance Now is the perfect way to unwind.

Just Dance Now is one of the most popular rhythm games, and it’s surprising how many dancers use it. You can choose from a large library of songs and simply follow the choreography.

An excellent way for beginners to get used to movements and stretching their muscles. The app can’t replace a dance class, but it can help you and your body get used to dancing.

Dance Reality

Dance Reality is a new dancing app that has gained popularity. The app uses augmented reality to place footprints for you to follow. The app uses adaptive learning to adjust the class difficulty based on your performance.

The app provides virtual coaches and partners. While it’s not a replacement for a partner, it’s a great way to practice without one and keeps your rhythm.

You can lead or follow, and you can practice any dance style you want. The app has everything you need: videos, music, and more. So if you need practice, this app will be perfect for you.

In Conclusion

These apps will help you learn to dance. Dancing is a great way to exercise and maintain good health. Taking up new hobbies can be difficult, but it’s worth trying new things. You can discover new passions and learn about yourself.

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