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How to Take a 3D Photo on Your Phone

Taking 3D photos on your Android or iOS device is simple if you have the right apps. These apps turn your 2D photos into 3D animations.

Undoubtedly, a 3D image outperforms a 2D photo. You can make 3D photos without any additional equipment.

What Does 3D Mean?

Photos taken with mobile phones are two-dimensional, and they only give a general idea of the length and width of an object. 3D effects make images more realistic by adding depth to the image, which makes them appear more realistic. They give 2D images a sense of movement and realism by adding a sense of depth to them. Essentially, 3D technology brings the subject to the foreground and compares it to the background to provide context.

Download one of the apps listed below to start taking 3D photos:

1. Loopsie - 3D Photo Creator

Loopsie is a simple-to-use app that lets you take 3D photos and record HD videos. This app has a unique stabilization feature. Even shaky hands won't result in blurry photos.

Loopsie takes still photos that you can loop to create a cinematography effect. The 3D moving pictures can be saved as HD videos in various formats.

2. LucidPix 3D Photo Creator

This app allows you to take 3D photos without moving your phone. A 3D image doesn't even require a multi-camera phone. An AI converts a 2D image into 3D. When you move or tilt your phone, the app adds depth to the picture.

With LucidPix, you can use your phone's built-in camera or the app camera (which also uses your phone's camera). The app has special 3D filters.

3. Phogy 3D Camera

It's a 3D app that takes photos from various angles. To create a 3D image, you must move your camera slightly right and left while aiming at your target. This app also works with the phone's front camera to take creative selfies.

ThePhogy app also lets you create GIFs and MP4 videos. You can send your work to friends or use it as a phone wallpaper.

4. Parallax 3D Photo Editor

Parallax allows you to take 3D photos and videos. It converts 2D images into 3D with a single touch. With this app, you can rotate the image, blur the background, or increase the depth.

Parallax has a built-in camera that takes 3D photos for iPhone in four modes. It allows you to customize the motion's amplitude decrease. The app saves and shares all projects in high resolution. Parallax is only for iOS.

5. PopPic

With PopPic, you can take 3D photos and convert your existing images to 3D. The AI tools provide depth when you move or tilt your phone. Your 3D images can be shared on Facebook and other 3D networks. You can share it as a video on other platforms.

PopPic has many filters and 3D frames. You can also edit your images to add depth and change the primary image's focus. This app is only for iOS.

6. i3DSteroid

i3DSteroid is a relatively new 3D image creation app that has quickly gained popularity. Its photo effects selection. It transforms a 2D image into a 3D one. It also has filters to make your image pop. The filters work with both front and back cameras.

i3DSteroid can also edit old photos. It has tools to rotate, resize, and crop images.

7. Fyuse 3D Photos

For a better 3D image, Fyuse gives you more movement room. So you can click deeper and capture more space. The views are varied.

Fyuse is an Android app that teaches you how to take sharp photos. This app includes a social media platform in addition to 3D images. Your friends and family can like and comment on your photos by creating a photo timeline.

8. Zoetropic

This app turns your still photos into videos. Zoetropic turns a photo into a 3D image. This app is a mix of 3D and stills in motion.

It's a bit confusing, but an example helps. Consider a still waterfall. You can use Zoetropic to make water flow. You can choose which parts of the image remain static and which move. You can also use soundtracks from your audio library to enhance the effect.

In Conclusion 

Mobile phones have limitations, such as not enough lenses to capture all angles, and limited AI utility. Some 3D photography tips may be useful. First, use a plain, single-color background for your photos. No results from a cluttered background. Second, place objects in the mobile frame's center. Better results and better depth preservation for 3D apps.

Take amazing 3D pictures on your smartphone using the above-mentioned apps with these image enhancement tips.

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