Future app: Your iPhone Personal Fitness Trainer

Personal training apps such as Future are designed to move the future ahead and change the industry. You can check your progress on your Apple Watch linked to the Future app, which displays information about your fitness goals, stats, and accomplishments. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi film set in the future, doesn’t it? The question is whether or not the software lives up to expectations. Here’s what we discovered.

The Future: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Technology and exercise are brought together with the Future app, which delivers a personal trainer to you in the palm of your hand.

Following the installation of the app, you will be requested to complete a questionnaire about your lifestyle and fitness objectives. Your answers will assist Future in recommending an appropriate coach to you, but the final decision is yours as to who you will work with.

Your chosen coach will create weekly training plans that are tailored to your specific goals and requirements. It is taken into consideration when creating your customized training plans what type of exercise equipment you have access to and what types of fitness activities you love doing.

Likewise, you have limitless connection with your coach who will provide you with support and motivation, as well as audio and video instruction on your workouts for those who require an extra push.

If you don’t already have an Apple Watch, you can obtain one. It interacts with Apple HealthKit and it allows you to track your fitness progress in real time. It maintains track of useful statistics like as heart rate, calories burned, and the amount of time spent exercising. Keeping track of these facts will hold you accountable for your fitness goals and guarantee that you are not deceiving your trainer.

In-Person Trainers vs. Online Personal Trainers

Personal trainers that come to your location are excellent sources of information and encouragement. Most people, on the other hand, only have access to their personal trainers while they are physically there beside them. Future allows your coach to keep track of your progress at all times. They are only limited in terms of availability by the speed of your internet connection.

A bespoke training plan will be created for you each week by your Future coach, taking into consideration your schedule, fitness objectives, and the equipment you have access to. If your schedule shifts, you can also request that your Future coach modify your training accordingly. A personal trainer who meets with you in person can also create specific fitness regimens for you. If you need to postpone your training, your in-person trainer will not be able to make any adjustments to your workout plan for you.

People who are always on the road will find the Future app to be an excellent choice as well. You should have access to a personal trainer who you have formed a relationship with and who is intimately familiar with your fitness objectives and abilities if you travel frequently. This is preferable than having to find a new trainer every time you move.

Your Future coach will also follow up with you on a regular basis to keep you motivated and ensure that you are following your tailored training program. Personal trainers who work in person do not often check in with their clients while they are away.

In one area, in-person personal trainers continue to outperform online counterparts. When working with a personal trainer in person, they can provide immediate coaching to fix improper posture and form. Users of the Future app must transmit a video to their coach in order to receive comments and instruction on their posture and technique. You won’t know whether you’re training incorrectly unless you provide your coach a video of yourself doing so proactively.

The Verdict

The Future app is a cutting-edge solution for folks who require constant encouragement and access to a personal trainer on a regular basis. The software pays attention to every detail and gives a professional personal trainer who performs nearly all of the same tasks as an in-person personal trainer, as well as additional tasks.

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