Backup Can Help You Save Your Business

According to studies, 40-60 percent of small businesses will not reopen as a result of a data loss. Companies that suffer catastrophic data loss are more likely to close than to reopen, with 43 percent closing within two years of the loss.

Not every data loss event is the result of a natural disaster; it is also possible that human error is the cause of a data catastrophe in some cases. Making certain that you have an effective backup and disaster recovery plan in place will help to mitigate the risks associated with these types of data threats. When it comes to data security and availability, planning and preparing ahead of time can help ensure that customer satisfaction remains high and that your company emerges as a winner.

Having a backup is more common than you might think. In case something unexpectedly interrupts your daily routine, you most likely have a plan B in place, whether it is someone who can cover for you to watch your puppy or that “donut” tire that you keep in your car in case you get a flat.

Backup and recovery plans are applicable to almost everything that you can think of in your daily life, including your computer. Let’s get back to business and look at the top reasons why you should invest in a secure and dependable backup solution for your organization.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time

This occurs more frequently than we would like to admit. Emails and documents containing some type of virus are opened by mistake on a regular basis, and important documents are accidentally deleted when they should not have been. One way to deal with these issues is to make regular backups of your data, which will allow you to restore your data if the need arises. Alternatively, and perhaps more importantly, recover the file before it is deleted.

Audit and compliance requirements

A large number of organizations, if not the majority of them, are required to keep records for extended periods of time in accordance with local or industry regulations. When an audit forces your company to look back at something from a few years ago, it is possible that it will be embarrassing. Typically, people make the mistake of assuming that data is available on a computer when in fact it isn’t always the case. It’s possible that relying on a single copy of the data is a mistake that you don’t want to have to deal with when it comes time for an audit. Creating offsite backups of critical data can save you a lot of time and money, as well as a lot of headaches for everyone involved. Governmental organizations such as the IRS will not be concerned if you claim to have experienced a data disaster. It is critical for your company’s success that it maintains compliance.

Maintain a one-step advantage over your competitors

If your organization suffers a disaster, it will be critical to restore service and get back up and running as soon as possible after the event. It’s a race to stay competitive while also winning over other businesses and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction, among other things. A backup strategy that has been planned ahead of time allows you to be that much more prepared and win the business while your competitors are struggling to get back to business as usual. Other people may not be as fortunate as you in the event of a data catastrophe.

If you don’t have the time to do it right the first time, when will you have the opportunity to do it again? 

It will save you both time and money if you do things correctly the first time when it comes to data protection. It is possible that you will only be able to recover some of your data if you do not have backups in place, and you may never be able to determine what critical data is truly missing. In the event of a major data loss, it may be necessary to recreate or redo everything that has ever been done at your company, and companies that experience these types of data losses are extremely rare.

The most common causes of data loss are the same in almost every type of business. The majority of us believe that once data is saved to a computer, it is safe and can be accessed at any time.

The reality is that data backup is essential because data loss is unpredictable and will occur at some point in the future.

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