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 10 Tech Facts That You Should be Aware of Today

1. A judge ruled on Friday that Apple's App Store business had suffered a significant setback.

 As a result of a months-long legal battle between Epic Games, the maker of "Fortnite," and Apple, the company must allow app makers to monetize their apps without having to pay the company. Here's what the ruling means for both Epic and Apple in terms of their respective businesses.

2. SpaceX is launching its first civilians into orbit this week, according to a press release. 

In preparation for their three-day journey, the civilian crew members, which includes a billionaire and his physician assistant, an engineer and a scientist, have spent the past five months training in preparation for their journey. Photographs show how they prepared for their spaceflight mission.

3. The Elizabeth Holmes trial: The defense wins the first round of the trial. 

Adam Lashinsky, a writer, was present at the court (need a cheat sheet? In case you missed it, here's everything you might have missed during the first week.) and found that the defense presented a more compelling argument than the prosecution, presenting Holmes in a sympathetic light. During the opening arguments, he observed what is shown below.

4. According to Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp is adding an additional layer of security. 

WhatsApp will now allow you to encrypt your chat back-ups on Google Drive and iCloud, following a ProPublica investigation that discovered that moderators have access to some users' messages. Here's what we know so far about the situation.

5. Salesforce has stated that it will assist employees who wish to relocate from Texas following the implementation of a restrictive abortion law. 

According to the cloud computing company's employee handbook, it will assist any employees and their families who wish to relocate due to the state's restrictive reproductive health laws. Here's where you can get the full rundown.

6. According to reports, Google underpaid tens of thousands of international employees. 

The company violated labor laws all over the world by underpaying thousands of its contract workers in a variety of locations across the globe. More on Google's "shadow workforce," which is underpaid.

7. Privacy concerns have already been raised about Facebook's new smart glasses. 

A Buzzfeed reporter put the glasses through their paces and discovered that it's relatively simple to secretly record bystanders - despite the fact that Facebook says doing so is against the rules. See Facebook's response to the privacy concerns for more information.

8. Amazon could pay the NFL $2.5 billion to stream "Sunday Ticket" games on the company's streaming service. 

According to reports, Amazon is considered the frontrunner among bidders for the package, which has been owned by DirecTV for the past 27 years. What this could mean for the way you watch football is up for discussion.

9. DeepMind was plotting to break away from its parent company, Google. 

Current and former DeepMind employees have stated that the company was concerned that Google would one day misuse its technology, and that the company's executives spent years attempting to distance the AI company from its owner. Discover the inside story of DeepMind's attempt to break away from Google.

10. The New York Times published a list of the most influential venture capitalists in the city. 

We solicited nominations from some of New York's most prominent technology figures, and the result was a list of the 50 most influential venture capitalists in the city. Meet some of the most successful investors in the city.

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