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What Is the Uber Passenger Rating and How do you Check It?

Uber Rating

The rating of your Uber driver is the first thing you are likely going to be looking at when you’re ordering an Uber. It gives you peace of mind to know how other people rate their experiences with this driver. What you may not know or understand is that while you can see your driver’s rating, your driver can also see yours too.

Yes, the passengers on Uber also have their own rating. Uber drivers have the option to choose what rides they will not or will not pick up, and seeing your rating can be a help to them in making decision. So, it’s very important to maintain a good rating if you want to be sure that you can reliably get rides with Uber. 

How Does the Passenger Rating Works and What is the Passenger Rating ?

After every ride you take, just like how you have the option to rate your Uber driver, your driver is also able to rate you too. Uber does this in order to keep the app safe and enjoyable for the both parties involved. 

Generally, it’s very tough to get below a four-star rating as a traveller. But, if you've got higher than a 4.5 star rating, it’s safe to mention that you simply won’t be turned down for rides. something beneath 4.5 would possibly build drivers to start having second thoughts regarding accepting you. 

You aren’t able to see individual ratings from journeys, solely your average rating from all of your journeys overall. Uber calculates this average from the last five hundred journeys you’ve taken. this suggests if you get a bad rating, it’ll seemingly impact your average for a short while. 

You also ought to rate your driver before your own rating can be modified and the driver can rate  you well. This is often to forestall passengers from ruining a driver’s rating as a result of the driver rated them low. 

How to Check Your Uber Traveller Rating

If you wish to check what your traveller rating, you'll be able to simply access it inside the Uber app. 

Once it’s opened, click on the menu icon. beneath your name, you must see your traveller rating, from 1-5 stars and up to 2 decimal points. 

If you don’t see associate degree Uber traveller rating, there may well be some reasons. Most frequently the explanation is that you simply haven’t taken enough rides yet. So as to check a score, you would like to require a minimum of five rides wherever your driver gave you a rating to check your score. 

If a driver decides to not rate you in any respect, it won’t count towards your overall rating. therefore though you'll have taken five or a lot of rides, you would possibly not see your score as a result of not all the drivers rated you. 

You also might want to check if your Uber app needs any updating. Over time, Uber has modified however you're able to see your rating, therefore if you haven’t updated recently this could be the explanation why you can’t see it. 

To update Uber from the App Store, move to your account profile and click on Purchase. Then explore for Uber and see if you'll be able to update it. 

In the Google Play, go to My apps & games. Then you search for Uber there to see if there is an update available. 

If you continue to can’t see it, you'll ought to wait some days more or less, particularly if you’ve gotten a new device or have simply updated the app.

How to Improve Your Uber Passenger Rating

If you’ve noticed your Uber passenger rating isn’t exactly where you want it to be, or you’re pondering how to keep it at a good rate, there are some things you can do while you are using the Uber service that will help you in that regard. 

The task is that you’ll want to be kind and respectful to your Uber driver throughout the ride. Don’t be rude or offensive to your drivers, or you’re sure to get a low rating. you must additionally respect your driver’s automotive. More often Let's remember, they’re using their own personal car for their Uber driving, so it’s important to not be messy or damage anything in the car. 

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