What is Discord Canary?

Without carrying out tests, software developers can’t know for sure how safe to use the software they’re shipping is. The software could come with security holes, bugs, or other problems that could cause it cease to work, which will push users to other softwares. That’s why major software like Discord, test out new features before they’re been released.

Discord In help the mining communities protect against the threat of poisonous carbon monoxide, miners would take a canary with them to work. The workers taking “a canary down the coal mine” wasn’t metaphorical, it was just a test to determine the air quality. If the canary survived, then the miners would be safe enough to continue their work.

While miners are no longer relying on canaries, software developers still rely on them. In technology terms, a “canary” is an alpha build or release of software, that is available for other developers, quality testers, and keen users to try out. A canary release isn’t a stable release, so bugs, crashes and other issues are expected. 

If the features or the bug fixes in Discord Canary are safe, they’ll be added to the Discord Public Test Build (PTB) for further beta testing before the Discord will be released to the wider Discord community in the Discord Stable release. This is the release that you will see and use when you download the desktop app or when you visit the Discord website. 

If these features or fixes are unfinished or aren’t stable, the development team will have to remove them from Discord before they release the PTB or Stable releases. These features may be returned after further refinement, or they may also be scrapped entirely, depending on the development team’s wider plan for Discord.

Who is Discord Canary Suitable For?

Discord Canary is known as a very early test build. This means that the features, fixes, and other additions are not yet ready for the wider community. While Discord Canary is very safe to use, it isn’t stable. If you’re ready to try it, you should expect the worst cos it may crash or break, with features stilled or failing to work or features working unexpectedly.

Therefore as a testbed release, only serious testers, developers, and enthusiasts should consider trying out or installing a Discord Canary build. However, if you’re ready to test out the latest Discord features, or you want to support the team’s development by helping to find problems or bugs, you can use Discord Canary to do so. 

If you want to try out Discord Canary, you can download it as an app or you can try the web-based version in your browser. If you do test it, expect errors, crashes, bugs and more to occur. Note: Discord Canary is for developers and serious testers and enthusiasts only—other users are adviced to stick to the stable release.

IPhone and Android Discord users won’t be able to try out the Discord Canary on their devices, but you can still sign up for early testing of new features and fixes by joining the Discord Testers community server.

How to Install Discord Canary

1. You can try out Discord Canary by downloading the latest build release of Discord Canary desktop app or by trying it out in your own web browser.

2. To start, first download the latest Discord Canary release for your operating system directly from the Discord website. You can download and use the desktop app on the Mac, Windows and Linux.

3. After the downloading is done completely, you can run the installer for your operating system and follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Once Discord Canary has been installed on your PC or Mac, launch it. You check for the app in your Windows Start menu or Mac Launchpad menu it carries a gold Discord icon—select this to launch the app.

5. Discord Canary will then check for updates when you first launch it. Once this is complete, you can sign in using your Discord account username and password.

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