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 Using New Technologies in Modern Day Classrooms

While there have been some drawbacks to the use of technology in the classroom, in recent years, there has been a movement toward the integration of new technology into the classroom. New technology makes it possible for students to learn at their own pace, which has been a challenge for many teachers. The introduction of e-books to the learning environment has made the learning experience more personal and allows teachers to customize lesson plans for each student. 

In recent years a new face of technology in the classroom has emerged with web-based learning systems. These systems allow students to gain the same benefit from traditional face-to-face teaching styles and allow them to work at their own pace using the Internet as a backdrop to their coursework.

New Technology in Classrooms

So, what can you do with new technology in our classroom? 

In recent years, technology has allowed teachers to add digital whiteboards to their classrooms. These interactive devices provide students with the ability to write, draw, highlight, and color using various tools on their computer screens. 

This type of technology has made it possible for teachers to use PowerPoint presentations in class, allowing students to view and take in information at their leisure. Teachers also have the ability to use small handheld computers that allow them to take basic notes or highlight student points using simple programs such as Microsoft Word.

Along with the addition of electronic whiteboards, teachers have also found that it has made it easier to incorporate learning into the classroom by using audiovisual aids, which include such items as videos, DVDs, and CD-ROMs. There are many different types of these devices available for purchase, and you can find them offered by nearly every manufacturer. These items help students learn more easily and make it much easier for the teacher to communicate important information to students using this technology. 

For example, students can watch a video demonstration of what is being taught in class, and then they can follow along with the instructions. Using a DVD, the teacher can show multiple pictures and explain various concepts that are easy to comprehend.

Impact on Students

In the face of the computer, however, computers and their associated technology pose some new challenges. Students are no longer faced with finding a teacher who can accommodate their particular needs when it comes to using the Internet in the classroom. Instead, these new technology-based learning systems have made it possible to take full advantage of the Internet as a tool to help students learn. 

Now, everyone from middle school to college can take advantage of the benefits of the new technologies available to students today. In fact, the use of the computer in the classroom is the norm rather than the exception. It's interesting to note that there has been an increase in the number of high schools that now have computers on their school buses over the last ten years.

Eight Ways New Technologies Are Aiding Education

  • Improved Communication

  • Advanced Research 

  • Learning At One’s Own Pace

  • Digital Models And Simulations 

  • Effective Assessments

  • Open Education

  • Online Groups Collaboration

  • Fun Learning

Additionally, some school systems are now making use of the Internet as a teaching resource. There are many websites available that feature a variety of educational and entertaining material that students can explore. This type of technology has not only improved communication between teachers and students but has also made it much easier for them to learn. When the student can watch a lesson, listen to a lesson, or even read about it online, they are more likely to retain what they are learning and, in fact, may even find it easier to remember than they would if they were actually to watch or read about it.

Last Words

In today's world, students need to be able to utilize all of the resources that are available to them. Because many of these tools and technologies are becoming so inexpensive, they become an essential part of the instruction that most teachers provide. By providing students with access to these types of learning materials, teachers increase their effectiveness as educators and increase their overall level of knowledge and expertise about the subject that they teach.

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