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 The Secret To Unlocking Your Own Career-Defining Moments

Throughout your career, you will face some crucial moments. These moments will have a much more significant impact on your career trajectory than other usual moments. You may not be conscious of them as they happen, although you will often be able to identify them in retrospect. These moments can be positive or negative, but in both cases, they are almost always memorable.

To achieve your career goals is much more than simply deciding to want a new degree or a higher payment. You have to get in there. And who knows? You may end up reaping better rewards than you ever imagined. It is never too late to put yourself in a better position. Let's discuss five big things that can give you an edge, whether in your present work or a whole new business.

1. Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Wikipedia defines imposter syndrome, but Scott Hanselman explains it much better! The easiest way to detect it in you is this: If you have fleeting and irrational suspicions that you are about to be called, you probably have imposter syndrome. And if you feel that way, you are not alone. This has occurred to many people - even to the latest technology leaders. It is crucial to learn not to pay attention to this voice.

2. Discuss Your Aspirations

If you are currently employed, share your goals and ambitions with your manager. A good leader has a personal interest in seeing you grow and succeed, mainly if your aspirations help the company somehow. But don't just stop here. Get a mentor, look for professionals with the same idea in your field, network with conference/seminar speakers and attendees - and share your goals. You will be amazed at how many of the people you meet will be interested in pushing you (in several ways) to achieve your dreams.

3. It Is Okay To Be Scared

Strange as it may seem, ensure you are often a little scared of your ambitions. If you are guided only by what is comfortable and easy at your fingertips, you will find that you look back at your career moments and have them to think, if ...? What if you took that promotion, even though you knew it was going to be a stretch? If you had spoken at that conference? If, on the other hand, you feel nervous and wonder how something is going to go, you are likely on the right track. Moments that equate to a career leap are not for the faint of heart.

4. Make Good Use of Your Time

The way you invest your time now will have a direct effect on your career growth. It would help if you had a plan for each day. Being intentional - strategic - with your time is imperative. As you evaluate your day, especially when aiming for new ventures, ensure you pay attention and ask yourself important questions:

  • How can this help me?
  • How likely is this going to help me?
  • When should I start getting results?
  • How do I know I succeeded?

If you apply these questions to decisions, opportunities, and new concepts, you will feel better equipped to identify and capitalize on potentially vital career moments. As you sharpen this skill, be ready to take on more responsibilities and commitments that sustain your growth.

5. Develop Your Tech Skills

You have a lot of priorities: family, friends, work, hobbies. All of these things are important, as are updating your skills. Make the development of technological skills a priority and clearly get the skills you want and need for career advancement. Technology is evolving faster than ever. In fact, half of all the technical skills you possess today will be obsolete in two years. Don't let your career be dormant. Keep up to date with tech trends, delve into technology outside your realm, and stay on top.

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