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 The Review of Mosonth 2K Webcam 

The year 2020 was a year that relied on Webcams for almost everything. Students were in need of great webcams for school, while adults also needed webcams to attend meetings while working from their home. The increased in demand meant that the best options on the market went very fast, leaving people to try and sort through what remained.

The price of Webcams sold in the market went up even as people found themselves searching for budget-priced options. Mosonth made an introduction of a new webcam with a high resolution but a low price. The company sent a quick review unit for our consideration, and we spent time testing and trying the camera out in a variety of uses to check and measure whether it’s worth a a take or not. 

Mosonth 2K Webcam Technical Specs

The Mosonth 2K Webcam has really impressive specs for a camera. It’s seen as the perfect resolution for listening to a lecture, business meetings, and it’s not half-bad for streaming on the Twitch or another platform, either. 

The Webcam has a resolution of 2560x1440p with a 4 megapixel lens. It captures video at a rate of 30 frames per second, but in use it felt slightly lower–minor stutter could be seen while making use of the video. The actual frame rate per second isn’t 30 frames, as there are frame normally drops every few seconds. 

A secondary mic isn’t necessary bcos it has a built-in microphone. It has an effective that its range is up to five meters, as well as a filter that removes the ambient sound. This is another beneficial feature of the camera for streamers, as it helps to reduce the amount of keyboard sound picked up by the mic. All said still, a dedicated microphone will always be a better option than a built-in.

One particular feature that is interesting about this webcam is the manual focus adjustment. The Mosonth 2K Webcam has a focus that is adjustable, you'll just twist the knob that is around the lens. You can also improve the clarity of the webcam and you'll achieve a much better picture by doing so. Changes are reflected in real-time, so you can now easily dial-in the appropriate focal length that you desire. 

The camera has a 67-degree field of view. It can be mounted on the back of your monitor because of its flexible arm, but it also has a tripod included, if you don’t like it positioned on the monitor. 

In drier details, the USB cord length of the camera is 4.9 feet, and the camera itself is a plug-and-play device. You can use it on your Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10, and it also works with the macOS. 

Mosonth 2K Webcam Setup and Use

The Mosonth 2K Webcam is a plug/play device that can work with almost any operating system only by just plugging it into a USB port. According to the company, the webcam also can work with the Android and Linux. 

The camera does not have settings to adjust or to manipulate. Once you plug in the webcam, the universal driver will be be able to detect it and it should work out of the box without you needing to download anything. If it isn’t detected, you just need restart your machine. 

If you are making use of the webcam on a laptop, you will need to change the input settings. For example, when it was tested on a Macbook Pro, the computer did not see the new webcam from the settings menu, but it could be switched within the apps like Facetime and Skype. 

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