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The New Launch Of Oracle Is Bringing Cloud Computing To The Edge

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is an IaaS that allows delivery on-premises, with very high-performance computing power that helps in running cloud native and enterprise company’s IT workloads. 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides elasticity for real-time for enterprise applications by the combination of Oracle's integrated security, autonomous services, and serverless compute. Which is available for public cloud. 

Autonomous Services

It is seen that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is the suitable residence of the Autonomous of Oracle's Database and its self-optimizing autonomous, its self-repairing features. 

Leveraging machine learning to automate routine tasks, Autonomous Database delivers a higher performance, a better security, and an improved operational efficiency, and also frees up more time to help in focusing on building enterprise applications. 

Reduce Costs and Enhance Performance

Majorly, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed for those companies that are looking for a higher performance, and seeking for a cost that's lower, and an easier cloud migration for their existing on premises applications, and better price performance also for the cloud native workloads. The customers "read how" have  moved from the AWS and now to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, substantially now reducing their costs and also making an enhancement of their compute platform performance.

The devices are customized for each customer and is offered on a subscription-basis


A new device has been launched already by Oracle in order to bring its core cloud computing infrastructure very closer to the edge.

The Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure (REI) is known as a new pre-configured device that is fashioned to be deployed in order to operate the workloads in remote areas. Easily stated, the device enables applications to carry out or process the data generated in edge locations.

Mr Magouyrk Clay, who is the Oracle's executive vice president said this during the company's Live launch event that was held. " they will still take this to the polar observatory or anyplace they suppose that they require the advantages that cloud computing offers, however you do not essentially have the infrastructure."

Military-grade Portable Cloud

The important key component of the REI is the Roving Edge Device (RED), which is a portable server node that brings about the core IaaS services to the remote areas.

Magouyrk also shared more light that each RED node has about 61 terabytes of storage and 40 CPU cores for compute, with about 512 gigabytes of memory and an integrated NVIDIA T4 Tensor Core GPU.

He also added that the hardware makes RED nodes ideal for everything right from the compute object storage, virtual networking stack, block storage, to the running GPU-optimized workloads for things like the machine learning.

According to a FAQ on the website of Oracle, each device is pre-configured with a customers’ applications even before it will be shipped. The device is priced per day of possession with a minimum lease term of at least 30 days, and is offered also as a subscription and a single-node costs about $160 per day. 


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