The Best Waterproof Headphones

Waterproof Headphones
Waterproof headphones are an absolute must if you are a regular swimmer, it allows you to add some tunes to your exercise routine, regardless of how deep you are diving beneath the water.

1. Finis Duo

One great thing about the Duo is that it uses bone conduction technology to transmit sound underwater and this occur via your cheekbones. This helps instead of you having to fiddle around putting headphones in your ears which may easily begin while you’re swimming.


Waterproof Standard: IPX8 to three metres
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery life: Up to 7 hours 
Storage: 4GBAudio 
Formats: MP3 and WMA
+ Built for swimming
+ Easy to wear
+ Great sound underwater
+ Not suitable for land use
+ Relatively expensive
Finis Duo is undoubtedly the leading SwiMP3 player on the market, the Duo waterproof headphones was made by a US company that’s famous for its top quality swimming accessories. Two colors are available: dark grey/mint and black/acid green.
Large buttons are provided on one side of the ear pendants – including rewind, fast forward, play/pause and shuffle – and also sound quality is remarkably clear and loud underwater (Duo is preferable in water and not on land).
Charging is the via a magnetic, USB-based dock although you’ve got to clean the very small charging points on the device regularly as they can easily get clogged up.

2. Exeze WMR

The 2nd generation player from Exeze, the WMR now comes with a complete waterproof headphones socket.


Waterproof Standard: IPX8
Battery: Rechargeable Li-Polymer
Battery life: Up to six hours
Storage: 8GB
Audio formats: MP3 and WMA
Audio connector: 3.5mm
+ Many storage
+ Doubles as a running player
+ Separate goggles required for swimming
+ Relatively poor battery life
We have Various sizes of earplugs provided but the massive white earplugs are recommended for swimming as they will be pushed in further. Alternatively, you’ll plug your own waterproof headphones into the 3.5mm audio jack.
To attach the MP3 player to it, there are two options for its usage. For running you’ll use the separate armband that is provided, while for swimming Exeze comes with a separate pair of goggles with a bigger headstrap as an optional (surprisingly, they’re reasonably good quality). Although it’s possible for you to still use of your existing goggles, the player is sort of large so it does not stay in situ very easily.
A bank of control is provided for Volume up and down, fast forward and rewind. However, like most underwater MP3 players these player is quite fiddly to use within the water.
Sound quality of the Exeze is very nice and it is not restricted (both within the water and ashore) although you’ll have to turn the quantity up while you’re swimming.

3. i360

One great thing about the i360 SwiMP3 player is that, very similar to the Exeze WMR, it is often used either within the water for swimming or ashore for running.


Waterproof Standard: IPX8 to three metres
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery life: Up to 10 hours
Storage: 4GB
Audio formats: MP3 and WMA
+ Great to be used ashore and in water
+ Number of earbuds for land and swimming use
+ Affordable
+ Tight fit
+ Ear buds can begin when swimming
There’s a number of various sized and shaped earbuds provided (the longer ones are for swimming, the shorter ones are used for land) and there’s a very strong Bulldog style clip for charging the device. The flexible plastic cable wraps round the back of your head with the 2 black control units lying over the highest of the ear.
Underwater, the sound quality is far better than expected when using the longer earbuds, although the i360 had to be tied securely under a cap and goggles to make sure it stays well. The device’s volume also has got to be turned up very well above the ashore’s volume level.

4. Exeze Rider

The spectacular key difference with the Exeze Rider is that it comes with an integrated 3.5mm audio jack so it’s very possible to pair with a separate waterproof headphones.


Waterproof standard: IPX8 to three metres
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-ion
Battery life: Up to 10 hours
Storage: 4GB
Audio formats: MP3 and WMA
+ An excellent value for money option
+ Are often used with different headphones
+ Affordable
+ Fiddly earphones
+ Got to clip main unit to goggles
The main unit attaches to the side of your goggle’s strap with a coiled lead that runs from the audio jack to the earphones. These are designed to have a grip round the back of your ears and rotate into position for a optimum listening position.

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