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Best Games to Play with Alexa

Amazingly, your Amazon Echo can be one of the most useful tools in your home. It can keep you updated for your upcoming appointments, it can control smart home devices with just a few words, and it can even let you know when packages have arrived. But did you know it also can play games?

Alexa is jam-packed with a ton of different entertainment options that you can play alone or you can also play with friends and family. If you’re really tired of the same stack of board games and you are in the mood of trying something new, you can give Alexa a shot. From Deal or No Deal to Song Quiz, there are tons of different games to played with Alexa.

The Best Games To Play with Alexa

There are so many games officially included with the Alexa, but you can also find more of it through the Alexa Skills options. 

1. Just open the Alexa App and then tap the More option in the bottom-right corner, 

2. Then choose Categories > Games & Trivia and look at the list of Skills available. 

This Article is a guide to some of the best games we’ve encountered on the Alexa. 

1. Earplay

The Earplay places you into the role of a character that is in a radio drama. You can interact with other characters that are in the story and watch how the tale unfolds, with numerous stories to select from. You have to be aware that not all of the stories are appropriate for children.

There are numerous options that are much available for children too, including the “Jurassic World Revealed,” or the “You  and the Beanstalk.” Adults may enjoy games like “Codename Cygnus” or the “Mr. Robot.” There are also previews to be tried out, of the upcoming stories, such as the “Pugmire.” 

WhereInTheWorld is a fun trivia game that is based entirely around geography. It ranges in difficulty from the easy questions about the capital cities of the countries to significantly more harder questions such as what language is spoken in where? and so on.

The game is easily approachable for anybody and ensures that all players have fun while learning a bit more about the lovely fascinating planet we call home.It doesn't discriminate age rate, it’s appropriate for all ages, with a decidedly educational slant to it.

2. Escape the Room

Have you ever experienced or done an Escape Room before? Think of this game "Escape the Room" as an audio-only version of the game for Alexa. There are different levels and stages to try, each of this levels are ranging in degree of difficulty. The game offers you contextual hints when you enquire for them.

The premise is that you are in a room stucked. Now it’s up to you to escape by searching for useful items and also solving puzzles that will help you find your way out of the room. While it’s primarily a single-player game, any number of people can also join in to help you in solving the clues and to find your way out.

There are only 5 levels right now, but there will be more added in the future. Best of all, Escape the Room supports this languages English, Italian, German, French, and the Spanish language options. 

3. Song Quiz

Song Quiz is the best game for lovers of music on Alexa. If you know you fancy yourself a bit of a music historian, then you need to give this game a shot. The way the game works is simple: Alexa will just play a song from sometime in the past 60 years and then challenge you to guess the name. You have to provide the correct title and artist to secure points.

The Song Quiz includes pop music from every decade, with more music always added on a regular basis. You can also challenge your friends and family to a live competitions or compete with players from different places across the country. 

If you have mastered the base game, there is a subscription service that provides you with thousands of additional different songs, exclusive playlists, and also new music added every month. It also gives you the option to be able to sort music by much narrower terms, such as “2019 hits.” 

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