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 How to Successfully Set Up Voicemail on Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice is a helpful service from Google that allows you to make and receive calls without having a mobile phone or landline. 

One of the useful features of Google Voice is the voicemail. It’s an amazing way to receive messages via contact forms on your website or as a general number you wish to give to people to send you messages without releasing your actual phone number.

In this article, you'll discover how to set up voicemail in your Google Voice account.

Signing Up With Google Voice

You Don't have Google Voice yet?

If you fancy the idea of using the voicemail feature on Google Voice, but you don't have a Google Voice account or phone number, signing up is very simple.

1. To start, sign in to your Google Account and go to the Google Voice page.

2. Select for personal use and choose the type of device you want to use.

3. Add your home address or phone number(personal).

4. See the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, and then tap Continue.

5. Input the name of a nearby city and click Select next to the number you wish to claim.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup of your new number. You can also connect this Google Voice phone number to an existing mobile phone number or landline if you want incoming calls to Google Voice to ring on the phone as well.

Setting Up Voicemail on Google Voice

Now that you have a Google Voice account and phone number, you also have an active voice mailbox as part of your account.

However, it would be best if you did a few things to set up voicemail to work accordingly.

1. When you're signed in to your Google Voice account, click the gear Settings icon in the upper right corner.

2. In the Settings, select Voicemail from the left menu. It will automatically scroll you to the voicemail settings section.

3. The Voicemail setting has three sections where you can set up exactly how your Google Voice voicemail function will work. Let’s explore each of these  settings:

Google Voice Voicemail Settings

The first thing to consider is the Active greeting. You will see two buttons in this section.

  • Record a greeting: Select this option to record a new greeting with the microphone. You can record for up to 3 minutes. Hit the stop icon when done. Click Save to save the message or Redo to record again. Give your recording a name and click Save again.
  • Manage all greetings: This will launch a window in which you can set any of the recordings as the currently active message (you can only have one active message at a time). To select a message, tap the three dots to its right and click Set as active.

You can always see your current active greeting displayed in the Active Greeting area of the greeting box.

The second one is the Get voicemail via email box. If you activate this, you will receive newly recorded voice messages forwarded directly to your Google email account. This will be the email address connected with the Google account you used in signing up for Google Voice.

The last section is Let Google analyze voice mail transcripts. This is a privacy setting. Activating it allows Google to access your voicemail transcripts to modify and improve their voicemail transcription algorithm.

In addition to the settings you will find in the Google Voice voicemail settings, there are other settings relevant to setting up voicemail.

Google Voice Voicemail Settings

Above the voicemail settings section is a Do Not Disturb with another voicemail setting box.

Activating this switch will not redirect your messages to the phone number you assigned to your Google Voicemail account. Rather, it will forward all calls directly to voicemail.

This is an option that you may want to use if you are traveling and do not want to be bothered by calls for a while.

Another voicemail feature is at the bottom of the Google voicemail settings page at the bottom. Check for the Security section. The Spam Filtering box is where you can enable spam filtering for three voicemail features - messages, calls, and voicemail.

Activate this toggle to enable this feature. This is especially helpful if you find that you receive a lot of spam messages. The anti-spam algorithm by Google is very effective at restricting these annoying contacts.

Extra Google Voicemail Tips

Google Voicemail is easy and very convenient to use. When you click Voicemail in the left navigation panel, you will access the list of recent voicemails.

Select any message to see the voice mail transcript. You can select the play button below this transcript to listen to the message.

When you tap the three dots at the top right of the message, you'll see a list of options of things you can do with your voice messages.

The important options are:

  • Locate the sender of the message on your contact list

  • Delete or archive the message

  • Tick the message as spam or block the number

  • Download a copy of the message as an audio file

The bottom line is that once you've set up voicemail on Google Voice, it works. It is also convenient and gives you storage to save incoming calls, where you can reach them during your time and on your own schedule. 

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