How to Stop Anyone From Hacking Your Snapchat

Snapchat is among the most popular social media platforms. However, with the increased fears of privacy and security, users are constantly looking for ways to secure their accounts. There are several methods used by hackers to gain access to Snapchat and find out more about you.

So how can someone access your Snapchat account? And how can you secure your profile so that you will fall victim to cybercriminals?

How Attackers Can Hack Your Snapchat 

Snapchat is a private online messenger that shares ephemeral content, which may appear like an unsuspected platform for hackers. However, these factors make it even more attractive for espionage and blackmail purposes.

The concern for protecting your account extends to attackers hacking your account at random or by a person close to you. Let’s discuss the possibilities.

Downloading Spyware Applications

Hackers use spyware tools to monitor Snapchat accounts. This is the most used method of spying on social media.

Anyone can sign up to use the tools downloaded and operated on that person’s device. The application remains incognito on the device and monitors activities in real-time, which can be accessed by the remote hacker at any given time.

Data Leaks Through Third-Party 

Since Spyware tools can track and save the data they track on Snapchat, content that is later removed by the user may have been stolen. On Snapchat itself, obsolete content and accounts are permanently thrown in the trash.

Once spyware is installed, the attacker can decrypt the password and then log in directly to your account. Snapchat protects the accounts by verifying them via email. If the attacker has access to your Inbox and username, they can access the account by choosing the forgotten password option.

Using Hacking Platforms

Some websites claim to possess tools to access a user’s Snapchat account. However, these platforms are often dishonest.

This method is a seductive bait for hackers who do not have access to your device or password to log into your Snapchat account. These online platforms need a username with tools that do the rest of the job.

Working With a Hacker

An attacker may target your Snapchat directly to find out more about you and possibly blackmail you or maybe hired to hack the account.

Such a method used involves phishing. This can be hard to do, making it less common on Snapchat itself, but cybercriminals can use it to access many different accounts. (This is especially worrying if you an exact password for multiple sites, which is why you shouldn’t do so.)

Protecting Your Snapchat Account

Based on methods used by attackers, below are some tips to secure your account:

  • Keep the passcode for your device private. Similarly, do this for accounts associated with many devices, such as your Apple ID and password, if you’re an iPhone user.
  • Check your phone number and email address for your Snapchat account to keep it safe.
  • Choose a strong Snapchat password. It should be a mixture of characters that do not include personal information; it should differ from your other accounts, for maximum security; keep it private.
  • Check your Snapchat privacy settings. This permits you to control who sees your Stories, sends you snapshots, and views your location. This can prevent people from figuring out your username.
  • To protect yourself from attackers trying to sign in to your account, turn on two-factor authentication. This feature ensures that the person signing in is really you, as you will need to double-check.

Final Thought

In most cases, It is illegal to hack into a social media account. These hackers have several methods to gain access to your Snapchat, but securing your accounts is easy, so don’t be afraid to use the service.

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