How To Step Up Your Content Marketing Game With Artificial Intelligence

We live in the content age. Content marketing is a great process of growing your brand, and you should use AI tools to scale quicker than your competitors.

Whether you own a business, handling marketing, or working as a freelancer, you need content. You need to constantly search for new topics and publish new materials to develop your brand awareness. The more you produce, the more audience you will capture. Fortunately, with the right automation and tools, you can increase your productivity in content marketing.

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With the right tools, you’ll be able to go around the maze of modern content and create a niche for yourself and your business. Let’s assume you’ve already carved out a niche and identify a target audience; your goal should be to better understand this audience and engage them in conversations via your content.

Understanding The Field of Content Marketing 

The first approach in a content creation process is to understand the field you are entering. You need to know who writes about a particular niche, what they say, and the type of audience receptive to the content and shares it.

You can solve both tasks using platforms such as Buzzsumo or Ahrefs. These tools are advanced trackers that allow you to:

  • Track certain keywords in a search engine.
  • Access search volume based on demographics and other details.
  • View users that are sharing on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
  • See the type of questions people ask on Reddit or Quora.

Headlines And Story Angles

The next step in creating content is preparing the titles and choosing story angles. It would help if you had something unique in terms of content, which is both poorly served and consistent with the brand you are building.

Normally, content managers handle this task, and this step is also the most difficult to automate. You can mimic some headlines from Buzzsumo or Ahrefs, it’s up to you to figure out how to approach stories and what they should contain. For now, no service can build text structures for you. Sometimes you can tweak existing titles to make them fit your need.

Content Generation

The most affordable option is to find writers on one of the many freelance platforms. Presently, the most recognized are Fiverr, and Upwork and both are suitable for writing. You can pick from several writers to meet your needs, and you can find either individual professionals or agencies.

Content Correction And Distribution

The last stage in creating content is correction and distribution. Grammarly is a  fantastic tool for reviewing any text for errors. Also, it will give you recommendations on style and allow you to check the content’s originality. Creating original content is very important to make sure it ranks well in search engines.

When it comes to distributing content, CRMs like Contentful or Curata can do the job by letting you create advanced content schedules. Optionally, you can also use Buffer or Hootsuite to help you distribute content on several social media platforms.

Making Content Marketing a Success

Ultimately, every step in this content creation process can be moderately automated or allocated with the right tools. From your brand’s point of view, what is most crucial is to create a concise, long-term content approach that will guide you in choosing the topics to address and how to create strategies that work. 

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