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How to Rotate, Resize and Crop Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premier Pro Editing

When you are editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro, sometimes there are footages that you may want or need to alter in some way. Maybe you only want to show just a certain portion of the footage, add an effect, or to do any number of changes to fit what you feel your video should need.

Rotating, resizing, and cropping videos are some of the more common changes you can make while you are editing videos in Adobe Premiere Pro. However, if you’re a newbie at editing video with the Premiere, you might not know how to achieve these things yet, which can a little frustrating. 

Premiere makes these processes a very simple process, so you can just follow these steps to quickly become a professional at resizing, cropping, rotating your videos. 

How to Crop Videos in Premiere Pro

Cropping a video is a bit different than cropping your pictures, but you can still do this in Premiere. You’ll be making use of an effect that Premiere has in order to do this. Follow the steps below to crop your video clip.

1. Get the video you want to cropp dragged into your timeline. 

2. Go to the Effects settings, and then search for Crop. It will should show up under "Transform". Click and drag it into the video that you want to crop.

3. Now, go to your Effect Controls. Find the Crop effect that is listed and look at the dropdown. You’ll see options for Right, Top, Left, and Bottom. You can now drag the number values beside them to crop your video.

4. If you want, you can also zoom your video in to fill the screen if just by selecting Zoom. You move the values when Zoom is selected, and your video will fill the screen to how you desire it to be. 

5. If you choose not to use the numerical values, you can still crop by you highlighting the crop effect, and then a square with toggle bars would show up around your video area in the preview window. Then you can now use these bars to crop the video. 

6. If you want your video to be faded into the crop, you can simply select the Edge Feather and then you use the numerical value to change the intensity of the gradient. 

How You Can Rotate Your Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

Rotating a video can help you create some interesting effects in your end result. This is also a very easy effect to carry out. Here’s how you can rotate your video within Adobe Premiere Pro. 

1. Go to the control panel effects, and select the Motion dropdown section. 

2. You should see the Rotation option listed there. Use the numerical value that is beside it, you can change how you want the rotation on your video. Dragging it right will rotate your video clockwise, while dragging it left  anti clockwise. 

3. If you just want to flip your video in a certain direction, 90 degree will rotate it on its right side, 180 degrees will flip it upside-down, and -90 degree will flip it to its left side. 

How You Can Resize Your Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

Resizing a video is a very good option if the video you’ve added doesn’t fit in to the size of your project overall. Those black bars that see appear around smaller videos can be annoying a times, so you may want to size them to fit in. 

Here’s how to resize them in Premiere.

1. Set to Frame Size. This method is best if you have clips that do not fit the sequence size settings. 

2. Search for the video in your timeline that you want to fit to the frame size.

3. Right-click on this clip and then select the Set to Frame Size. The clip should now have a good fit to the size of your sequence settings. 

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