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 How To Maximize SEO And Grow A Business By Purchasing Another Website

Sometimes we may wonder how SEO - Search Engine Optimization itself is not yet a university course. SEO is not only important, but it is becoming more and more needed every day. It is such a huge and ever-evolving part of the internet experience. 

It may sound strange; a good SEO is almost like a bonsai tree - you work on it for years, but a few mistakes can really cost you; good SEO is arguably the best digital marketing strategies. This seems like a bold statement to make, but studies that have been done over the years to prove this claim.

  • 93% of online journeys start with a search engine

  • 75% of people do not go past Google’s first page

  • SEO campaigns have a 14.6% higher conversion rate

If it's the first on Google search, it's there for a reason. This is why the SEO game is so exciting - the competition is so high that SEO should be the number one sport of the Olympics on the internet.

First Principles Of SEO

So how do you achieve a good SEO rank? First, follow the basics. For your website to stand a chance, you need to give it strong legs. Based on experience, the most important things are:

  • Keyword research and integration

  • Content

  • User experience

Since 2012, Google has been modifying its algorithm to excellence. Its purpose is to find the best and most useful content on the web and associate it with user searches. Before you typed keywords on your page, it was enough to connect you to those keyword searches. Google Quality Score has changed all that.

If your website is performing well and starting to yield extra profits, one thing to think about is purchasing another website.

This is not a very common approach and is not suggested very often, but some companies have been doing it for some time with great success. For example, Neil Patel owns websites like QuickSprout and CrazyEgg.

How To Use A Multiple Domain Strategy

Again, If your website is performing well and starting to yield extra profits, one thing to think about is purchasing another website. 

For Example: Domain A can be the main website while Domain B is sort of an offer site or special discount website or blog site and you can begin optimizing and ranking both domains. This will increase your SEO ranking advantage and increase the chances that a user will click on a result that still links to a site you own. This is an outside-the-box SEO strategy.

Having a domain tailored and optimized for a single purpose will help your customers get what they want without hassles. This is called fulfilling the intention of the searcher. If a visitor lands on your site and doesn't see what they're looking for, they could go elsewhere. This is why it is sometimes wrong to have a clumsy website. Visitors abandoning your website may increase your bounce rate, which will absolutely give you a lower quality score, hence, a lower ranking.

Link Your Domains

The last, but very crucial, is to link your old sites to the new one! If you have multiple old sites, you can use 301 redirect strategy offered by your CPanel or Hosting Service. You should create an easy-to-find meeting point on your site from which your users can navigate. One of your options is to use 301 redirects to shuffle around your existing audience and maintain the link's juice.

If you own a WordPress-based website, you can use the 301 Forwarding plugin to redirect visitors from or between domains. Maybe you will have a domain that you consider "main" and another from which you will send your traffic. And even if you do, this may and probably will change over time. This plugin can redirect your website visitors temporarily or permanently, depending on what you want. Maybe you need more action on your "not so main" site from time to time, or you may have a content or contest expiring. This is a great way to use temporary redirects.

Final Words

With the advent of businesses every day, getting even a little online presence becomes increasingly difficult. Google is evolving at an amazing rate, and good SEO is a must in 2021. Almost every niche is full of competition, and to survive, you will need to use all the available strategies.

The multi-domain strategy will help you build a strong online presence, and this is the right time to implement it, so follow this guide. The rest is to do a good job, create good content and strive to be the best.

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